What was I thinking?

Obviously not much…..

Just a quick post, after an insane two days of full on training, I am 100% spent, but this couldn’t wait. I have been away from my computer and haven’t been able to send this to everyone, but re the tech stuff up, Monday night, I’m seriously sorry.

My intention was for you, Tuesday morning to walk into your office, push play on your answering machine and have a smile.

The timing was supposed to be 6.30pm, message left on your office machine, and you have a giggle to start the day Tue.

The intent was certainly not what happened to a few of you guys with the calls coming through late, and so far, your forgiveness on the social media sites, or when I’ve called you personally, has been undeserved, and much appreciated.

Inspired by a major company recently who ‘ballsed up’ and did a blog post like this, I knew I had to do the same as soon as I got home from my road trip.

Flame away in the comments section guys….deserved in this case.

I normally don’t mind upsetting people, because I normally do it in a positive way, with positive intention.

In this case, didn’t work that way, and from the bottom of my heart, Sorry for the mess up.

My personal number is 0400 466 371. Much deserved angry calls expected !! But expect no fight, whole hearted apology is what you’ll receive with no excuse……

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