When Love and Hate Collide (in Marketing)

This isn’t only a Def Leppard classic, it’s also a massive marketing lesson.

See the one place that’s dangerous is the invisible, pofessional ‘middle’ where you are so normal, professionally boring, that you are completely invisible to your market place.

Recently, a completely polarising character emerged on facebook called Hilton D Gold. He is best described as a troll, but a positive one instead of spreading words of hate, he encouraged people with a ‘Steel Up’ or other such positive, sometimes funny, sometimes deep, sometimes meaningless, commentary.

But what’s interesting, is that hatred he invoked in some, while he invoked genuine affection from others.
Now, the ones who did not appreciate Hilton’s sense of humour, or pushing people’s buttons, saw them go so far as to complain to facebook and had the account removed. Yup, the Hilton D Gold account has been shut down.
But what is truly fascinating, is the community of people actually mourning the loss of the character. Seriously, have a look at the group on facebook here to see the intelligent, sensible people, who are actually expressing how they feel about a fictional character’s account being shut down on facebook. (when I saw these comments, I did throw some petrol on the fire and had some banners made, haha, see the group here.


So, while we probably should no go and directly emulate what the mysterious Hilton D Gold did directly, there are lessons galore in polarising an audience to be learned here.
Daniel Hayes, author of the hottest book in Real Estate right now, who spoke at the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger event, said once at one of my seminars his thoughts ‘If half my marketplace HATE me and half LOVE me, I’ll make three times as much’

Young Daniel gets it, do you?

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