Real Estate waiting to “Get Uber – fied”


So we’re a week before the event and MAt Steinwede’s slides for the event come in, and I look at his first slide and I thought it was a mistake, it was my email. word for word, cut and pasted on the slide.

‘Oh Oh,’  I thought. ‘What the devil is my mate going to say about my email’

That my spelling is bad, I need a proof reader,(haha, he always gives me stick about that. )

But I looked at which email, and I see why he’s using it. It was super early in the morning, I was worn out, delirious, and yet surprisingly clear. It’s funny, I do not remember actually writing it, because I was on complete and utter autopilot, but here it is, a replay of the email that so moved Mat Steinwede, that I think he’s based his talk on this subject, or at least it got him thinking in a new way, so if you missed it, here it is.

So here’s the email, word for word……..

It’s 4am New Zealand time (so 2am back home) , I’m lying awake, having just finished a massive tour around Australia with Eric Thomas and a few of my clients helping over 1500 agents do better, and frankly, as excited and fatigued and tired and pumped I am, frankly, I’m worried. We have been talking about this for the last two weeks in the 6 cities we have visited, and discussing how some industries have recently been hurt or even wiped out, by a change in their market.

And they didn’t see it coming.

Car yards, they used to be the only way to dispose of a car, then came the trading post, which took a little slice, then came which now constitutes the vast majority of the market.

Uber, the taxi industry has been virtually destroyed worldwide, by one well programmed app and some decent customer service.

Airbnb, is changing the way we book accommodation.

I mean, travel agencies, who uses them now, we just book our flights online.

Can we really not see something coming, when we have a $10,000+ commission cheque that the world is looking at wondering how they are going to get a slice of it. I mean they already are, it’s started, I was in an office the other day, a good office, and one of their top reps took on a listing, where the referral fee from one of these ‘ third party lead gen sites’  was, wait for it, 50%.

Yup, $7400 in commission went to the website that generated the lead.

Now I don’t know about you, but this is scaring me to death, on your behalf, and yet most agents are blissfully unaware that there’s any imminent danger.
I don’t want to sound all doomy and gloomy, because I am not going to sit here and take it lying down.

If there is a solution, and a defense to this, I have put it together for you, and believe me, this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

One of the world’s most skilled disruptive marketers, Sir Richard Branson,  who takes industries who’s clients are getting more and more sick of receiving lack lustre service, and offering them an alternative (sound like any industries you know?) has been called in to help. (yes, live, in person, Richard will be joining our mastermind team)

John McGrath, the thought leader who has done more for this industry than any single man in Australia.

James Tostevin, the #1 performer in Australian real estate for the last decade, has been called in.

Mat Steinwede, described by John McGrath as the best real estate agent on the planet.

This brains trust of every major player in the game has been brought together for you, to come up with a defense plan. A way we, perhaps, can save a few agents from leaving the industry, and even thriving in the upcoming skirmish for your commissions.

If you’re interested in what is working, not in the mid 2000’s, not even in 2013, but what is working now, and what will be the techniques, tools, strategies, thinking, marketing ideas and philosophy, that willl see you moving into 2016 and beyond not worrying about whether your advertising media will jack their fees, whether some third party is coming to get you, you’ll know, that you’re ok.

Do me a favour, check out the website, and see if you want to join us.

Talk soon, here’s the site,

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