‘Real Estate Rocks’ event in Perth May 7

Perth Real Estate Training – Chris Gilmour and I are really looking forward to it. I’ll be sharing the results of the 18 month long study on the habits, behaviours and systems that awesome real estate agents have, that the 10,000+ who’ve left the industry during the time of my study, did NOT have or do !!!

Real Estate Video Marketing – Great Example

This Real Estate marketing video had me in tears and I suspect any emotional esponse to a video is better than boring them to death (come on now, you realluy aren’t going to tell me that most real estate promotional material in any way ticks the emotional box…some maybe, but not most)

I still am in two minds whether it’s a good thing to have potential buyers crying tears of empathy for a seller, but I have to say I was moved, and if that makes the property, and the agent memorable, that can’t be a bad thing.

Real Estate Agent Secret Shop Final Results

The Real Estate Agent Secret Shop Final Results
While I will continue, with my teams of clients around the country, to keep tabs on things, I am done with my year long exercise ‘secret shopping’ agents open houses because the results are in, and clearly, there is a winner….

More Real Estate Listings?

Here are two little tips to add to your Listing Presentation that will increase your Listing Presentation conversions OUT OF SIGHT.

1) Any that are ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘let me think about it,’ ‘let me interview the other agents and we’ll see’ etc, basically anything except a YES, apply this script to get the reluctant prospect over the line.

“Mr. Smith, obviously you’re not interviewing agents because you think it’s fun or because you have nothing better to do with your time. You’re doing this because you don’t want to make a mistake.”

Chris Gilmour – ‘The Real Estate Phenom’

They used to call a wrestler called the Undertaker ‘The Phenom.’ Mainly because he holds this undefeated streak at Wrestlemania of 14 and 0 or something. Well the real estate equivalent of that is one of my guys from the Southside called Chris Gilmour.

What Diet Are You On?

Pete Godfrey, guest blogs on Glenn Twiddle’s site on the ‘diet’ of self education and growth

Adding Massive Value in Real Estate

Man, we’re in trouble. I have been talking to a bunch of real estate agents of late about ‘value’ and how cost cutting organisations in our industry are there and able to survive because of the marketplace perceiving less value in full service agencies.