Mistakes Make You Money in Real Estate (and everywhere)

What the hell are you talking about Twiddle?

Well recently I had some constructive criticism, hey he was a nice bloke and was being helpful, saying some of my emails were, well the word ‘pathetic’ was mentioned, but he wasn’t being as harsh (I don’t think) as that word made it seem.I really do think he was passing on constructive assistance.

My reply is below, and whilst I acknowledge I don’t know where to draw the line, some of the time, when I air the mistakes that happen back of house in my business, or with technology, etc, I do it completely on purpose. Here was my reply –


Hey XXXX, cheers for the response and I do appreciate the feedback.

I really hope I can make a point for a sec. While many times these stories that seem like I’m running a junk shop here, many times they are an exaggeration of the truth, or simply relaying what happened. And here’s a few points why.

–          A research team split tested a bunch of headlines, and headlines with slight errors in grammar, spelling, etc win over identical headlines that are grammatically correct. Every time. Probably because our attention gets drawn to them. I’m not interested in the opinion of the people reading them as to the intelligence of the writer, I’m simply talking in $$’s. Incorrect grammar, spelling wins in advertising over correct.

–          Another example was research done by Robert Cialidini and documented in his book Influence – The Psychology of persuasion. They sent out resumes, identical to 1000 jobs (can’t remember the number, but it was enough to get statistically compelling data), and the resumes were IDENTICAL, only one was completely glowing, and the other had one criticism, that he ‘doesn’t always get on with people’ or something, something quite negative, but in all other ways identical. No guesses which one got heaps more job interview call backs than the other.

So yeah, I may go over the top and some of my emails sound unprofessional, but for the most part, I suggest that’s part of the reason I have come from literally no where and am nipping at the heels of the Lee Woodward’s, Michael Sheargold’s etc, and so many other trainers would dearly like to be, who have been trying years longer than me.

So again, what may seem ‘pathetic’ is in some ways, completely by design, I mean thing about it, which real estate trainer, now ignore the content, but which real estate trainer got more of your attention in the last 72 hrs?

Not saying my style is for everyone, but maybe consider this email, and see how slight imperfections, what I call ‘Damning Admissions’ might be useful in your business.

(man I’ve gone on with this, I’ll remove all reference to you, but I’m going to use this lesson in a blog post soon, so thanks mate, if u wanna chat ever mate, I owe u one, shoot me an email with when we can talk if ever u need anything)


Now the fact is, in our own marketing, our job is to cut through the clutter and get noticed, PERIOD. I will not be relenquished to the depths of mediocrity by trying to be Mr Professional, because a) it ain’t me, and b) there’s enough of them out there so I’m going to quote Mal Emery, (quoting Earl Nightingle) when I say….

I think it was Earl Nightingale that said, “If you can’t find a valid model for success in your category, then look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.” So true.

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  1. Sarah

    So are you saying I should put it out there that I don’t always get along with people and I would get a better response?

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    Not at all Sarah, I was just quoting a test that Cialdini did under scientific experimental conditions, that a ‘damning admission’ increases response and believability.

    Now in my business, that comes with conversational copy that is a little bit ‘unprofessional’ and that seems to work for me.

    In the ‘job getting business’ it seems that when a perfect resume is split tested with a 90% good and 10% ‘improvement needed’ resume, that the 90% good one was a better success if you look at it in a pure ‘direct response’ marketing test.

    So the lesson is, what ‘damaging admission’ can you make about your business (but not a terminal one)?

    I would suggest that in real estate, to say you don’t get along with people would be a terminal damning admission. But here’s an example. This is the most successful advertising campaign in Domino’s Pizza recent history…


    See the completely damning admission. Who the hell would have thought that admitting, ‘our pizza tastes like cardboard’ would be the best marketing Domino’s could do.

    Just an example, but see how this principal can work for you.

  3. liz

    Hi Glenn

    This sounds like me however i don’t think i would be able to differentiate between terminal and acceptable!! Will definitely give it consideration.

    with a name like twiddle i guess you can do anything!!



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