Beard or No Beard in Sales

I have sported a goatee for about ten years coz frankly, underneath it, I don’t have a chin. (makes changing sheets and pillow cases a challenge – haha, you’ll get it in a sec) ….

but seriously, there’s some subconscious shite going on that does not servie with facial hair. My lil man (now ten) but when he was three or so knew Mr Spock was the ‘EVIL’ Mr Spock from the alternative univerese, just by LEonard Nimoy sporting a beard, and think of this, most villains have facial hair and most heros have none (except Wolverine, who’s kind of an ‘anti hero anyway)

My take is, do it if it makes you feel good (like I do) but I accept that it probably costs me a few audience members/followers/clients, but I also figure me being self conscious about NOT having a jaw line, would cost me MORE !!

Real Estate Agent Secret Shop Final Results

The Real Estate Agent Secret Shop Final Results
While I will continue, with my teams of clients around the country, to keep tabs on things, I am done with my year long exercise ‘secret shopping’ agents open houses because the results are in, and clearly, there is a winner….

7 Top Questions About Technology in Real Estate

Matthew Sullivan, nice bloke from Real Estate Business, the online publication, and I believe they are about to go into a physical mag, contacted me asking for comments on how you guys are using technology.

More Real Estate Listings?

Here are two little tips to add to your Listing Presentation that will increase your Listing Presentation conversions OUT OF SIGHT.

1) Any that are ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘let me think about it,’ ‘let me interview the other agents and we’ll see’ etc, basically anything except a YES, apply this script to get the reluctant prospect over the line.

“Mr. Smith, obviously you’re not interviewing agents because you think it’s fun or because you have nothing better to do with your time. You’re doing this because you don’t want to make a mistake.”