Qld Real Estate Agents Summit 2011 Unleash HELL

It would cost $100,000 PLUS to have this list of trainers, authors, agents and speakers…..Chris Gilmour, Mark Dwyer, Pat Mesiti, Kurek Ashley, Mal Emery and the other experts assembled here to come and mentor you for two full days. They’re yours here for next to nothing.

Personal message from Glenn Twiddle….

I was lucky enough to have been given some great advice early in my career. To study and emulate those who are succeeding, and do what they did to get where they are, and you’ll be just fine. Well, Jason Adcock gave me some advice when I first started. Now at that time, Jason earned $500,000 in commission in the MONTH I met him. So I promised I would do whatever he told me to do. And he said he invested $10,000 in personal development material in the last year. So I just did what I was told, and it worked for me.

We understand though, that not everyone has $10,000 to invest so, here at QREAS, we have endeavoured to take all the risk out of this decision for you. We have made this training affordable, but we still managed to get the world’s best to come and teach us.

So, who are the speakers –

Click here for a comprehensive bio on each of our speakers. But in a nutshell, here are their bios.

First off, little ole ME….

Glenn Twiddle
Didn’t want to sound big headed so I thought I’d let my students talk for me. Check out the ‘Past Recruits War Stories’ Tab, in the menu above, for more examples of my students who have revolutionised their careers based on what I’ve shared with them. Here’s one to whet your whistle….

‘Glenn is the real deal. I personally have gone to number one in my area and I know of no less than three other agents he has done the same for on the last year. His strategies are simple, and you wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. The fact is, do what he says and you’ll be wondering where the commissions have been hiding all this time.’

Chris Gilmour
The #1 Agent in Queensland right now, (and, unconfirmed, in the country) who has taken the SE Qld Real Estate world by storm.

With an average, normal area, average, normal prices, average, normal, suburban ‘Mum and Dad’ buyers and sellers, Chris has created anything but an average, normal career.

From Chris himself –

“I have just turned 30 and have been in Real Estate for three years. In my 1st year I made $135,000, with some tweaks and systems in place my 2nd year saw $880,000 – my 3rd year I just made my goal of a million, by earning $1,040,966. In the 3 years I have gone from owning one property to now three, I work 6 days a week and spend Sunday’s on my boat or racing Formula 3 at some track around Australia, so anything is possible with systems, focus and dedication, I will show you how to achieve this and enjoy a lifestyle along the way.

I currently run with approx. 40 listings at one time, and have been averaging around the 15 Sales per month, even in a “down market”. I work within only 1160 homes in my farm area and have 82% market share, with a 91% list to sell ratio and my average days on market are 18 Days. Now all this didn’t happen in 3 months, it has taken thousands of dollars’ worth of training and discipline to achieve this and now I’m ready to share to you how I went about achieving this and still are today.”

John Dwyer (yup, THE John Dwyer who got JERRY SEINFELD for an Aussie small business. Not so small anymore though)
Jerry Seinfeld, in his entire lifetime has endorsed three companies – American Express, for a squillion, Microsoft, for several squillion and a little known building society in Newcastle. Well they used to be little known. The marketing genius behind this rags to riches story is John Dwyer. And this marketing genius behind whole ‘Seinfeld’ coup is no ‘one trick pony.’

John has consulted to many of the largest names in Australian business i.e.:

(McDonalds, Caltex, Coca Cola, News Ltd and lots more), but in recent years has specialised in providing wow factor marketing strategies to small businesses like yours.

John also showed his marketing prowess by selling his own home, using these ‘Wow Factor’ techniques for DOUBLE what the local real estate agencies told him he would achieve.

And I’ve talked John into joining us at QREAS and sharing some of his amazing, some would say ingenius, marketing chops with us at our event. Worth the price of admission for this session alone.

Kurek Ashley
One of the world’s absolutely best peak performance coaches. Kurek is responsible for more success than can be listed here. But he took Australians to Olympic gold medals, created many multi millionaires, has taken real estate agents to the top of their area. He also holds the world record for fire walking. He lives what he teaches and his message will rock your world. I spent two days with Kurek last year and I took a few of my close inner circle. One of those agents went from a complete rookie, to the number one agent in his area in the next year.

Click here for a preview interview with Kurek. (approx 10 mins)

Mal Emery
Australia’s Millionaire Maker. Dubbed ‘The Napoleon Hill of the 21st Century.’ Personally I believe this ‘Napoleon Hill’ title is a little misplaced, because Hill, the Author of Think and Grow Rich, was very much into the midset of wealth. Mal, in my opinion, is at the other end of the wealth spectrum. Mal won’t talk to you about mindset and other things. While he acknowledges their importance, Mal will teach you the 1-2-3, A-B-C, step by step marketing strategies that will get you into the door of your clients, build credibility and trust with your prospects, so they are begging you to take their listing to sell. I personally pay Mal over $10,000 per year. As a favour to me, Mal has agreed to come and share with you, some of the secrets I pay him a small fortune to reveal to me.

Mark Dwyer
In my opinion, Mark Dwyer is one of the most intelligent trainers of Real Estate skill in Australia today. I personally have learned so much from Mark on the subjects of negotiation, getting full commission and running KILLER Open Homes. I’m honoured to have Mark join us at QREAS and whatever he brings to our seminar, will be absolutely top notch, I vow. (a snippet from his bio…)

Mark Dwyer is a career real estate person. Commencing a sales career in the late eighties he broke records for volume of sales and gross commissions by both auction and private treaty.

In 1992 after becoming the top salesperson for the First National Group he began Shire Real Estate Agents. Mark still owns, operates, leads, manages and administrates a real estate business. He is an extraordinarily talented and professional salesperson.

Mark’s vision for the future of real estate practice brings a new dimension for untold prosperity for leaders, managers, salespeople and support personnel alike. His message is clear, ‘the future arrives’ and his aim is to see you there first!

Simon Treselyan
Simon had a very distinguished career, covering more than 19 yers, in the United Kingdom Military Special Forces. A great deal of Simon’s service was conducted in “Covert Operations”. It was during this time that Simon received decorations for Gallantry. Simon has also briefed the UK Prime Minister, Civil and Military leaders on aspects of National Security, plus trained other International “Special Forces” members. He has also given training and instruction to the CIA and other International Intelligence Agencies.

After leaving the military, Simon began his career in the “Personal Development” field and is now one of the most sought after “Personal and Corporate Development Master Trainers”. He uses techniques borne of the most extreme environments and “hones” them into effective and powerful lessons for attaining excellence in the modern world. His work has inspired thousands worldwide to embrace extraordinary training in order to achieve extraordinary results!

Simon has appeared frequently in the television, radio and news media. He is also a regular columnist for magazines. He continues to publish articles on “Human Potential” and “Personal Development”. His first book “Who Dares for Success” was published in 2009.

Greg Vincent
In the past 18 months, Greg Vincent has become the go-to guy for real estate professionals in Australia trying to understand the internet and social media applications for their businesses.

Are you looking for someone who will share their extensive knowledge about how you can achieve better results from the internet as a real estate professional without all of that confusing ‘geek speak’?

Having been a successful real estate agent for over 20 years, running multiple agencies, Greg Vincent has now become one of the most respected Online Real Estate Marketing Experts/Speakers within the real estate industry.

Greg now has multiple web-based businesses & works with some of the greatest internet marketers in Australia. Having over 10,000 followers on Twitter, Greg teaches real estate agents about how to use the internet & Social Media effectively.

Since Greg has an extensive understanding of the real estate profession, he presents the online marketing concepts in a way that cuts through the confusion and makes sense out of the web for real estate professionals.

Greg is always looking for simple and effective ways that real estate agents can achieve more success online today and into the future.

Terri Cooper
Terri brings a wealth of experience, proven skill and passion for the benefit of her many clients. Her work with individuals and sales teams has resulted in massive improvements in sales results for participants and sales teams, and a by-product of this has been incredible personal growth for graduates of her trainings.

Up until the end of 2005, Terri had a very successful career in real estate sales spanning twelve years. She was awarded membership of the RE/MAX Gold Club for high performing agents from 2002 to 2004 and was among the top twenty RE/MAX sales agents throughout Australia in November 2005.

Terri’s recent training, is all about getting back your ‘Mojo’ in a market where you are surrounded by doom and gloom and how you can use the rest of the industry’s negativity as your opportunbity to shine through.

Kevin Turner’s Panel ‘Best of the Best’
The ‘Voice of Real Estate’ Kevin Turner hosts a very unique ‘Best of the Best’ panel this year. In years gone by, we have seen such real estate ‘superstars’ as REIQ Agents of the Year Amber Werchon and Daniel Argent, Agency of the Year Winners Peter Sissons and Paul Curtain of Place Estate Agents, and other thought leaders in Real Estate.

This year the panel exists of ONLY people who are writing sales NOW, in this market where others are struggling, a name alone is not enough. We must be seeing results NOW, in June, July and August 2011.

A session not to be missed !!!

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