Top 3 Tips for a Killer 2015

Here you go guys, a few tips for getting your 2015 started the right way.

#1 – Run Outstanding OFI’s designed to EMBARRASS your competition when our clients compare them to you.
Out of my old survey/secret shop of real estate agents (and I did another few this year, and the stats were just as bad, if not worse), less than one quarter of the agents surveyed made ANY follow up WHATSOEVER. And the script our mystery shoppers was using was ‘We own a house down the road, we’re just checking out prices’ The very thing a future seller would say, so follow up guys, and be extraordinary.

(Often you can search on ebay for a copy of my ‘Ultimate Real Estate Open Home” CD training set for dirt cheap.)

#2  – Be a Real Estate Purple Cow

You need to stand out, just like a big, bright purple cow would amongst all the other boring cows. Homework over the break, read Purple Cow by Seth Godin. In it, it says you have to be REMARKABLE. Now in this article we don’t have enough time to go through what that might be, but here’s what it’s NOT……’Free Appraisals in your street next week, would you like one?’ That’s the dime-a-dozen, completely replaceable, brown cow. Get PURPLE !!!

#3 – It’s More Important to Be THERE than GOOD – and you better darn well be GOOD !!!

David Knox’s famous quote. Don’t you HATE seeing a competitor’s sign go up in your area and you weren’t even called in? How could this be when your skills are superior, you know you could have achieved more money for them etc etc. It was because they were THERE. Either physically there, or there in the mind of the prospect. So best you dust off your marketing chops and get yourself in the faces of the neighbourhood, and my mate Mat Steinwede recently said at my event, ‘you even have to border on being a little annoying.’ So market saturation in 2015 !! Get started !!!


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Glenn Twiddle is the original ‘Rebel Real Estate Trainer’ teaching out of the box strategies designed to get you in front of more potential clients, more often.

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  1. Alex Hall

    The more I delve into the truths of your teachings Mr Twiddle, the more wisdom I find, and the more I realise how right you are. Essentially the more we as Agents continue to position ourselves in the market with effective marketing, and the more we continue to separate ourselves from the rest by striving to be simply better at what we do, the more we will indeed stand out, and the more business will continue to flock to us.

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