Real Estate Client Gifts SUCK 90% of the time

Wow, I’m still pinching myself about this, and I have a training lesson for you down below, but first here’s the article from today’s Courier Mail.

So let’s get to one of the many lessons for you here..

1) Stop SUCKING with your gifts.

What do you do for your seller’s gifts? Oh I hear you say, “I get my clients a Bunnings gift voucher for $500, so they can buy what they want, that way I’m getting them a present they really want.”

Very logical thinking, but very wrong. I tell ya, collectively this amazing group of people have probably paid me several hundred thousand dollars. Logic would suggest that I should be more appreciative of that cash that has seen my family live for the last 8 years.

But I promise you, I will remember, appreciate and love these guys for the relatively low financial contribution (when you divide it up) but that gift will see that collection of 30 odd people in my fond memories for the rest of my life.

So, what can you do to duplicate that? I tell you, gift vouchers are seen by the recipient as what you get or give when you couldn’t be bothered taking any effort to get to know what someone wants and take some TIME to get them a meaningful gift.

Use this principle, get to know your clients, and spend the $500, not on a gift basket or gift voucher or anything else that screams at them ‘I don’t care but I’m obligated to get you a token gift’ …… get to know them…I  mean think about this, you see a bunch of classic rock CD’s and you identify them in your open houses as having muscial taste along those lines. You then do some research and you find this in New Zealand next year.

To buy them two tix to NZ and two tix to the event, would probably not cost you much more than your $500 Bunnings gift voucher. And I promise you, you will induce at least 3 referrals over the next few years if you go above and beyond, and believe me, a fan of these bands will LOVE LOVE LOVE you doing something like this and they will tell every person they see in the next 6 months what you did for them, when the subject of real estate or music comes up.

Anyway, next lesson another day, I raved on too much. Gift well you crazy kids.

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(tix from $99)

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