Rudy – Can watching a DVD change your life?

Give me 3 hours and I’ll have you firing more than a hundred Anthony Robbins seminars could!
Simply push play on your DVD player, then listen to the CD… sit back… relax… comfortably watch… and let us do the rest. It’s that EASY! That’s what Rudy and I are here for today !!

Finally, the DVD you all have been asking for is here!

I had so many requests from all of you who bought either the ‘Massive Success’ program or ‘The Ultimate Real Estate Professional’. These requests were very clear: “Please make a DVD / CD for overcoming FEAR.” So I did.

This DVD contains the most remarkable, against all odds story, that teaches your unconscious mind that you can do it too. By dissolving fear’s sustenance by listening to this CD and watching this DVD, your own personal fears cannot operate any longer. You’ll find that you can do the things you want to do easily, without fear in the way.

Rudy Ruettiger – the official interview and program with Glenn Twiddle

The material in this program has been used by some of the salespeople I have trained to go on to MASSIVE 6 figure incomes, and some of these people were in their EARLY twenties and had no real estate experience whatsoever.

I am honoured to have interviewed the man they made a movie about – Rudy Ruettiger. His story is so empowering I have seen grown men reduced to tears, including myself, while at the same time being uplifted to the highest heights.