“Rudy” Ruettiger – an intimate phone call

Daniel Eugene “Rudy” Ruettiger. Does this name mean anything to you? If not, go to google or your local video store, rent the movie ‘Rudy’ starring Sean Astin, and then come back and read this post. Haha. Or go to http://www.rudyruettigertraining.com

I had to tell someone and this group is the most forward thinking I could think of at the time. Has anyone seen a movie called ‘Rudy’ starring Sean Astin? For those who have, good job and hope you liked it, and for those who haven’t go down to the video shop, hire or buy it, and only then will this email mean anything to you.

I have just been working with a great real estate team from Brisbane and they needed some confidence in their ability to achieve. So instead of using group hypnosis or one on one or whatever, I had them watch this movie as a group. ‘Rudy’ a great story that I still cry when I watch and I’ve seen it DOZENS of times. Probably 50 times if not more. And it still gets me. It’s not a life or death movie or anything, but it makes Rocky or other of these ‘against all odds’ movies look ordinary, as this is based on Daniel ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger’s life. In fact, Sly’s real story is actually more inspiring than Rocky in my opinion. (stick Stallone and Robbins in utube)

Anyway, here’s my little brag, in that I managed to just finish a 15 minute phone call with Rudy himself. I didn’t tell the 7 people in the room that I was doing this until I dialled so they were a little dumbstruck I think. We had just finished the movie, had a break, and then I called them in and dropped their jaws (I think). Luckily for them as a fan of his for 10 years I had a MILLION questions, so I asked them. Haha. HE WAS GREAT !!!!!

So after you’ve watched Rudy, or if you’ve seen it, watch it again, and be inspired, be moved and get moving on whatever your dream is.

Oh yeah, Rudy mentioned that he would like to visit Australia, so he’s got me thinking about how I could finance his trip to get him here and remunerated for his time. I reckon 200 people at $150 a head would get us there. Maybe I’m just dreaming, but after watching that movie, I might just be tempted into believing that (wait for the embedded command) I CAN DO IT ….

For a copy of, the movie Rudy, my Rudy Program and training based on this interview (and a copy of the interview) click here Rudy Ruettiger.

We’ll see !!!

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