Arnold Schwarzenegger Live Training Real Estate Agents


Arnold Schwarzenegger Live in Australia

You have to watch what you wish for, because one day those dreams you put on your ‘vision board’ about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger in an effort to change people’s lives and careers, well sometimes those things might just come true.

Of course if you just put it on the vision board then do nothing about it, of course, no Terminator’s will be in your future, but the above story, add a few years of insane hard work, and this is exactly what we have happening for real estate agents in MArch 2015.

The above story is exactly the way it went down. I had Arnold on my vision board years ago, as the dream key note peaker that I could never afford, or never had any real thought that it could actually happen.

But the longer that image stared at me, I took action last year and told my students at seminars that I had a goal ‘one day’ (I still wasn’t brave enough to put a timeframe on it) to get Arnold, I played his image on the slides, and even played some forboding ‘Terminator-style music’ for effect.

So after much soul searching, saving, financial sacrificing, and all sorts of activities and asking a lot of people a lot of questions without success, the reply came back……

“It’s a long shot, but let’s see”

And after a few months of sorting it out, you now have the event that I only dreamed could be out together.

It will be affordable, because I refuse to have a few dollars to be the reason that someone who wants to come cannot, so it is priced so everyone can come.

I am honoured to have put this together for you, aside from Arnold, this is a great lineup of inspirational, motivational and educational speakers, and topped off by the Governator himself, LIVE, ON STAGE and IN PERSON.

See you there.

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