Real Estate Training FAQ – ‘What’s Your Best and Most Powerful Marketing Tip?’

What you say about yourself, even if you’re a communication master, which I am not, though I am a good student, can only ever be at best a 5/10.

But a message from the heart, when told by someone without a script, just talking, unpolished, even nervous, can be 10/10.

For the Real Estate agents out there who LOVE to tell their communities how great their service is, imagine if you had all of your past sellers singing your praises like this. Do you think that would be more believable and actually BELIEVED by your future sellers than you throwing your own words on your ‘about me’ page?

Hey I walk my talk, this is one of literally hundreds of video case histories in my arsenal, just google or youtube ‘glenn twiddle testimonial’ and see em. This one is special though. Christine just spoke, no slaes pitch, she wasn’t coached, and unlike many of the other testimonials I have gotten, I wasn’t there, she just did it and mailed it to me.

One of the nicest presents I have ever received. Thanks so much Christine. And on behalf of the readers of this blog, thanks for the lesson in marketing !!!

Thought I’d throw a few more examples down !!!


it goes on with about 200 more of them, but I don’t have room, check you tube !!!

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