There’s no Secrets to being a Seven Figure Earner in Real Estate

This past Tuesday, I witnessed one of the best debuts from a Sales Trainer in recent memory. Chris Gilmour, if you haven’t heard of him by now, (if you haven’t where have you been? Haha), is taking the Real Estate world by storm.

Chris Gilmour has done the unthinkable. In a market where some are saying that sales are a little lighter on the ground than other times. And in these scarce times, Chris just explained, step by step, move by move, his entire system that has taken him from his first year income of $135,000, to his second year earnings of $880,000 and in this, only his third year in real estate, is on track for a million.

Before I get into the takeaway actions for you I wanted to mention a very interesting thing. Almost every office that is a competitor to Chris had a representative in the room. And Chris, with great respect, laid out his entire system…


What a great attitude. Very rarely do we get a chance to learn from a seven figure earning, WHILE THEY ARE DOING IT.

So Chris did just that, and now he is being sought for speaking engagements overseas and interstate, so we have witnessed the start of a great speaking career, should Chris wish to continue down this path.

Of course, he’s still a real estate agent, first and foremost, and until I hear of someone selling more than 20 a month, I’m going to refer to him as the #1 agent in the state.

So here are some tips Chris gave the group.

1—There’s not really any secrets. You all know what to do, you just aren’t doing it. So do it !!

2—Always be marketing. Chris delivers at least 1000 flyers to his market place each and every week, for the last 3 years.

3—Be creative in your marketing. Don’t just always be talking ’real estate, real estate, real estate.’ Become a part of the community.

4—Gather leads and put them in an automated system, as opposed to trying to list a house or sell a house.

5—Have a killer pre-listing kit, complete with brilliant positioning tools, so you’re seen as more than a real estate agent in your community.

6—Embarrass your competitors with your Open Houses.

If you want the full program, grab it at and get it while Chris is still selling it.

In future posts I’ll go through some more of the take-aways, or you can do yourself a favour and grab the Home Study Course based on the content of the day at

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  1. samantha

    If he’s so good why chase few dollars
    to get people to attend these seminars…
    It’s all money making by you under the guise of “we want to help you.”

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    Samantha, that comment says so much more about where you are at than him.

    Chris has been selflessly speaking across the country with me, and it has been COSTING him money to do so. He’s made a few thousand dollars, he’s a class act, and anyone who knows him, knows he has a heart as big a lion.

    I just can’t believe I’m reading this, I just hope you are in another country or something and maybe we can just blame the harshness of your comment on the fact that you don’t know.

    This kid has changed and saved careers, and possibly even lives with his heart, so please, if this sort of article offends you, feel free to not visit this site.

  3. Glenn Twiddle

    haha, just googled ‘Samantha’ and it seems she’s from a Russian dating scam site, so forget these comments, she’s a spam robot. haha, and here I am getting all huffy and puffy, haha

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