Best Real Estate Training Event of 2012

Over 100 agents agreed, this was THE event to of 2012, to increase listings, sales and commissions in 2013 !!

What was going to be a casual affair, with a few of my best students sharing some of their success strategies turned into a slobberknocker of a training event.

It seems the guys really put in more preparation time than I expected them to, and really outdid themselves. Now remember, these guys and girl are listing and selling real estate agents, and not professional speakers or trainers. But you would NOT have known that from the quality of the material they put together.

It’s impossible to nail down the high points of the day, as different things appealed to different people of course, but for me the two highlights that blew me away we Ils Townley, in about half an hour, single handedly showed an implementation plan to get famous in your area, a genuine celebrity, in 18 months or less, on a shoestring budget. Pound for pound the best 30 mins in real estate training I’ve seen in a long time.

And Michael Spillane, mate, client, mentor, business partner to me for 15+ years, in a rare appearance sharing over 60 minutes of the skills that has him in the upper echelon of agents on the planet.

The list goes on of high points though, with Chris Gilmour, Edgar Natolo, Zac McHardy and Andrew Reibelt joining us with their wisdom and heart !! And Jet Xavier and Greg Vincent also making the trek up from Sydney to spend the day with us.

We recorded the event, and are offering a copy of it, at cost, 5 CD’s, 5 DVD’s PLUS a data disc with the audio and video files to transfer to your mobile devices. All for just $97, yup, just at cost of the recording.

Thanks again to the speakers and audience alike for making a very memorable and potentially life changing event, IF you implement !!!

For a copy of the recordings, with as usual a no questions asked money back guarantee, head to

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