John McGrath, Mat Steinwede, Chris Gilmour – What a kick off to 2012 !!!

For the first, and possibly only time, come and join us for arguably the finest ‘career improving’ (for those who come) and ‘business ending’ (for their competition) in Queensland Real Estate history.

If 2011 wasn’t the most fun for you, or even if you just want to make a great career even better, one time only, the biggest names in Real Estate join forces to help you SHINE in 2012.

John McGrath needs no introduction to readers of this blog, Mat Steinwede, arguable the most skilled real estate agent in the country and Chris Gilmour, Qld’s #1 Agent join me for a one day intensive training this February.

And this time, YOU get to control the content, so to ask your question of John, Mat and or Chris, visit and leave your most pressing concerns and our guests will move hell or high water to help make your career give you the kind of lifestyle that brought you to real estate in the first place.

More details at

(or ask your question of John McGrath, Mat Steinwede or Chris Gilmour at)

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