Real Estate Coach Goes Hollywood

Amazing video, by the famous Brett Clements of Platinum HD, speechless. I had no idea this was what he was creating at QREAS.

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  1. Heather Ratahi

    Cool video glen if it’s meant to be it’s up to me. Thanks for keeping me on your email list I open them up listen to them and they set me up for the day cheers from Heather Ratahi Lj Hooker Rotorua New Zealand

  2. Wayne Hutchinson

    Brilliant Glenn,

    I had tingles up and down my spine all over again,

    Credit where its due my man you are a star!!!

    Kind regards
    Wayne Hutchinson
    Accent Home Loans – Soon to be kick but real estate agent!!!

  3. Kelly De Florenca

    I agree, Glenn us a superstar. I have spoken with him a few times and booked his seminar when he came to Perth not so long ago. I told Glenn then snd I’ll sY it again now that he us one of the BEST trainers I have seen so far. Glenn is not about the norm,he goes above and beyond to get results and he genuinely cares about the success of the people he teaches, why would he waste his breath or time doing something he doesn’t believe in?… Well the answer is he does believe in what he teaches because it works!! Glenn us the best in the business so when he speaks listen, really listen to what he says. He is a teacher, a motivator and an all round good guy. Glenn really cares about the people and the real estate industry going in the right direction which is why he is so passionate about what he teaches,it’s not all about the money for Glenn, it’s not about making another million for himself,it’s about the industry and the people in it.
    Keep up the good work Glenn, if I lived closer I’d be at every seminar you do 🙂

  4. Eric Murray

    Congratulations & well done.
    It is so inspiring to see you walk the talk.
    You have done yourself proud.
    Eric Murray

  5. Joshua Zampech

    Well, where do I begin?

    Attendance- The room was full by 8:30 on day 1 but yet they still kept coming through the door. Another 2 rows had to be created so what does that say?
    1. There are some very smart real estate agents out there who realised they don’t have all the answers and that if they keep operating their business the same way they have been, nothing will change. So well done to the attendance who gave up 2 days of their time, It was the best investment you could make in yourselves!

    Speakers – WOW would be an understatement to describe the quality of the speakers at this event. Their depth of knowledge and the content they provided was invaluable to those who were present. What a line up!! The guests in that room should consider themselves very lucky because it’s not often you see such a large list of 5 Star presenters coming together to bestow their wisdom. And the hungry crowd ate it all up!

    Technical – The support and skill from Tim “Sound Man” to the guys from Platinum HD was top notch. If you’ve just watched this video then it’s quite obvious the quality of the production that’s been produced. Well done boys!

    Glenn – Yes mate, you get a category of your own.
    For the people reading this, do you realise how much of an asset Glenn Twiddle is to the Real Estate Industry? Most people don’t realise this but Glenn is changing the lives of agents everywhere. Here’s a guy who’s passionate about supporting an industry that thousands have turned there back on!! His wealth of knowledge and experience in this area is second to none and his success stories speak for themselves. To ignore this man and what he has to say is equivalent to signing the death certificate on your real estate career.

    To sum it up, thanks to Glenn for organising such a phenomonal event. Also big thanks to all the speakers who gave up their time, flew from across the other side of the country to be there and change the lives of the attendance. Lastly, well done to those who realised they needed help and took action to change lives. Your investments whether they were time or money will only be a waste if you refuse to act/implement.

    Well done…

  6. Darryl Angus

    I met Glenn Twiddle at a very low time in my life with so many uncontrollable changes going on within my life. I laid all my cards on the table to Glenn because I thought how can this guy help me if I’m not completely upfront and honest with him, so I probably told him too much but that was how much I trusted Glenn just from our first introduction.

    Glenn is sincere, dedicated to helping those that want to help themselves and has the biggest heart I think I have ever met within this industry. However, at the same time, at least for me, he has been a driving force, motivating and critical (which I appreciate) in such a way that he has altered my mind set to that of pure success.

    Yes I’m just in the early stages of this journey, but Glenn and so many of the good people he has introduced me to via our meetings and his ongoing emails has me believing in myself, believing in what I’m doing and has me more motivated, going after results and achieving those results, more than I have ever done through most of my life.

    Just through acting on his simple proven techniques I am excited again. I’m loving life, I’m loving what I do, I’m seeing results and the very near future is just so overwhelming, but in such a good way. What a man!!! He practises what he preaches, I have the utmost respect for this guy and heartily recommend to anyone wanting “Blow Your Mind Results”……… Commit to Glenn Twiddle…… Because he will certainly do the same in return.

  7. Cheryl Mortimer

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    My business partner and I are just about to go into business in about 2 months time.
    I can not tell you how FANTASTIC the two days were. It was like the universe was handing us success on a plate. I sat through EVERY single speaker and was not bored once. I left feeling ENERGIZED and equipped with the relevent tools we will need in our toolbox to slaughter the competition and inform, educate and serve the most important people in our business – our beloved clients.
    I know that when we hit a speed hump in the road to success that there is a trainer out there who is dedicated to helping us succeed.

  8. ian

    mate thanks ,you have given me information to build my real estate career,and learn’t me to stay focused in a slow market cheers

  9. Simon Finlayson

    A MASSIVE THANK YOU for the QREAS seminar Glenn. I’ve been to a lot of seminars and this was by far the most informative, ever! It was great to be able to get honest and ‘to the point’ tips for a change other than the usual BS you get at seminars! I sincerely mean it when I say this seminar has done more for my career, mindset and outlook in real estate that any other CD, DVD, book, seminar, ANYTHING!!! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one.

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