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Here are two little tips to add to your Listing Presentation that will increase your Listing Presentation conversions OUT OF SIGHT.

1) Any that are ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘let me think about it,’ ‘let me interview the other agents and we’ll see’ etc, basically anything except a YES,  apply this script to get the reluctant prospect over the line.

“Mr. Smith, obviously you’re not interviewing agents because you think it’s fun or because you have nothing better to do with your time. You’re doing this because you don’t want to make a mistake.”

At this point, I refer to a page at the beginning of my Listing Presentation that reveals that three quarters of clients would NOT re-use their previous agent. I explain the importance of this statistic in this way:

“Mr. Smith, the reason this number is so high is because all agents will PROMISE to do a good job for their clients, but it’s rare that an agent will GUARANTEE this. As a result, it’s quite possible that an agent could win a listing based on a great sales pitch, but then not follow through to do a great job in selling that listing. Understanding this possibility, you would have to agree that this piece of paper (i.e. the Cancellation Guarantee) is very, very important because it GUARANTEES you that I cannot simply woo you with a great sales pitch, but rather that I MUST do a good job for you every single day. As you can see, what I’ve done by giving you this guarantee is to switch the risk from you to me. This piece of paper allows you to take a chance on me without really having to take a chance at all. Because if I don’t do what I promise, you can simply cancel our contract. Mr. Smith, did other agents offer you a cancellation guarantee?”, to which these prospects will answer “no”.

You’ll find that explaining the guarantee in this manner convinces most of these less certain prospects to sign a listing with you.

And make sure you have a signed certificate in the back of your presentation from both you and your principal saying you’ll let them out of their agreement no questions asked.

2) If it’s still, after that, anything but a yes, turn every ‘No, or Maybe, etc’ inoto this strategy.

‘Understood Mr Smith, well as part of your decision making process, for your own good, I recommend doing this exercise. Have a look at this webiste,,  and have a look at the criteria of a great agent. Pay particular attention to the ‘Secret Shop’ exercise this site did on real estate agents, and how low the standards of what agents actually DO compared to what they SAY they will do.
Then, either yourself, or if they agents know you, then send someone they don’t know, into the agents you’re considering, including me and compare how we perform compared to how you would like your property to be represented’
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Happy converting guys. Follow these tips for instant improvement in your conversions.

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