Play Time is Over

Ok, seems I’ve been lying to you. I didn’t know it, and I didn’t mean to, but it seems I have. Let me explain… You …

Chris Gilmour – ‘The Real Estate Phenom’

They used to call a wrestler called the Undertaker ‘The Phenom.’ Mainly because he holds this undefeated streak at Wrestlemania of 14 and 0 or something. Well the real estate equivalent of that is one of my guys from the Southside called Chris Gilmour.

Jim Rohn – I can’t believe my 6 year old loves him. Have a read…

My six year old son has taken a shine to Jim Rohn’s audios/ How cool is that. We were playing a PlayStation game a while back and he was complaining that it was hard and wanted to give up.

Then he came out with the most amazing thing. He said, you know what Jim said Dad, Don’t Wish it was easier, wish you were better. And yeah, I got him to take note of that saying when Jim said it, but weeks later, HE made the connection to playing a GAME. Wow.

The QREAS wrap up

Well guys, we’re done and dusted for the Qld Real Estate Agents’ Summit – Brisbane this round, and boy wasn’t it a ripper.

Some of the testimonials we received were out of this world, so thanks to you all who came and made it the best event Qld Real Estate Training has seen once again.

The speakers again blew us away with their material.

Xmas Lights idea

While I thought of it I wanted to get this idea down. Not sure how this might develop but when you see the DROVES of foot and vehicular traffic that follow Christmas lights displays in communities, I wondered how we might take part in this tradition, AND at the same time, position ourselves as the ‘go to’ team for the coming year with people’s real estate needs.

The latest for QREAS

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