Real Estate Training FAQ Volume 5 – ‘How do I Get More Seller / Vendor Paid Advertising?’

Another great question. How to get sellers to see the wise investment in a marketing plan and campaign that will get them a higher price for their property?

The top real estate agents can skilfully answer this question in no less than five ways.

Here’s my ten minute tip on how to get started with this skill. More study required possibly…. (if keen, I have an CD program and manual  specifically deisgned to get an immediate increae in your seller paid advertising – click here if interested.)

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  2. Chris

    HI Just listened to the article on vendor paid advertising. If promoting the property in the paper gets higher prices whats to stop the owner placing an advert?
    Regards Chris

  3. Glenn

    Nothing Chris, and I’m not saying the paper does in every area. What I’m saying is wherever the media is in each particular area generates the highest amount of buyer enquiry, the agent must use that tool, in order to have the buyers, to use his other tools (negotiation skills, etc) to get the most money for their sellers.

    With few (or even worse no) buyers, their job of negotiation is harder, so more is better in this case, and if the owners have those other skills, then they should do it themselves. Only if the agent has skills and time the owner does not have, should the owner pay for a real estate agent.


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