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Ok, this one got me excited. I had a ‘pie in the sky’ idea about putting together a panel of the best real estate agents in the state to appear at the Qld Real Estate Agents’ Summit, and I did NOT expect the first agents I contacted to ALL say YES. 

There were some agents right up there on my list too, that I didn’t even get a chance to invite because the first five are ALL IN !!!

 So for you, what that means is a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at what makes the best of the best, THE BEST !!

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 Hosted by Kevin Turner, you’ll hear from the following LEGENDS of our industry on their insider secrets that they normally keep for their own teams, served up to you on a silver platter to implement into your real estate business –

 (these descriptions are my words so forgive the informality of my descriptions, and also, if anyone else feels they were more deserving of the title ‘Qld’s best, these are the people I contacted first and we only have so much room on the panel, call me about next year)

 – Amber Werchon – An inspiration. You absolutely MUST hear this woman’s story. For anyone who says you can’t make it because of age, gender, race, religion or anything, this woman is proof that no matter what, those things are no excuse for not succeeding. QREAS is honoured to have Amber and her team attending the conference and have Amber as part of the panel. I’ve used Amber in so many trainings as an example of success I owe her big time. I guess I doubly owe her now for being part of QREAS.

 – Chris Hinds – As seen on ‘A Current Affair’ BUT IN A GOOD WAY. Chris took the inner city market by storm over the last few years and has utilised web 2.0 strategies and sales basics to catapult him to the top of his game. (and yes, I tried to recruit him into my business on no less than 3 occasions, and nearly got him I think, haha, but he started his own business instead) Great to have Chris’ perspective on the panel.

 – Jason Adcock – When I first got into real estate, in late 2000, I was given the advice to invite the best in your market place to lunch, pay whatever it took and jut listen. Well I did, and I got two refusals from two high profile female agents who were very prominent in the market, and I got an acceptance from Jason Adcock. His advice was the catalyst for my success, and forever in his debt for that. Again, thanks to Jason for being part of this to help others like he helped me.

 – Peter Sissons – Winner of the REIQ and REIA Agency of the Year on too many occasions to list. Peter is a mainstay of the Brisbane Real Estate market. I visited his agency once and he had a trainee, ON PETER’S TIME and wages, watching a video on sales training by Tom Hopkins. Peter knows what it takes to be a performer and can give you what you need to succeed.

 – David Beard – Arguably the man with more listings than anyone in Brisbane. When I last associated with David Beard, he had a stock list of over a BILLION dollars worth of real estate. He brought the number one real estate company in the world to his SuperOffice and built one of the largest project marketing teams in the state. With a CV longer than your arm, David has seen the ups and downs of the industry, and knows how to thrive in a market where others are saying it can’t be done.

 So there’s the lineup, with Kevin Turner from 4BC’s real estate radio show as the host, this part of QREAS is going to be the surprise hit of the show I expect, so get your tickets NOW, before the early bird pricing finishes.

 Even though we have reached the number, I begged the team to extend it til after I sent this email to you, so I’ll give it til the end of the weekend, then we’ll have to adjust the riduculously affordable price back to the normal price of $197. (yeah I know that’s ridiculously cheap too, but hey, we wanted the price to be a ‘no-brainer’ so there were no ‘I can’t afford it’ excuses.

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 PS – I’m gonna give some tough love now. This is the most exciting lineup ever brought to Qld real estate agents. And it’s priced so well it’s almost embarrasing. If you don’t  get your tickets now (and you live in Queensland of course), you probably shouldn’t be on my list and should unsubscribe now.

I’m that passionate about this event, I’ll happily halve my databases size with that statement, so long as I’m only left with the agents who WILL succeed in 2010, and let the rest fade into real estate obscurity.

 PPS- My thanks for reading this far, go to and sign up now. With our ‘Double Your Money Back Guarantee’ what part of ‘completely risk free doesn’t make sense?

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