Are Real Estate Agents Dropping Like Flies?

I write this with a real sense of sadness.I received this letter, and I removed all names and location ID material, but left the rest, and I wanted to share this with you all. This guy is a geuinely nice, and good, solid real estate agent. Here’s his email to me.

Hi Glenn,

I am sorry to say that I am finishing up with Realestate in mid February, I am going back to my trade xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The realestate here has been so slow there has been for the last 4 months average of 9 sales in the area per month out of 8 offices,we have been about 2 per month.

One saleperson here has NOT had a sale science May, and another Not for 4 months.

We don’t have any people up here that have to sell. So they just sit there hoping that some one will come along and pay over price for their property.

Thank you for ever thing, and I really mean that. Hoping it all goes well for you this year.

I will still keep my license up to date may come back in if things pick up and still not old.

Again Thank you for every thing.

I really like the guy who wrote this and that’s why this is hard. It is a jungle out there and a real TIGER starves last in that jungle. Have a look at the numbers.

In this area there are 9 sales per month. So someone is making those sales. The fact is it will take a super human, ‘Amber Werchon, Jason Bond, Chris Gilmour-like’ effort to dominate that market place. It may take time, but it is possible.

The fact is, now that this great guy has made this decision, that’s one less in the industry to weather it out. If there are 8 offices, say 20 sales people, then more will be leaving and whoever is left, potentially can dominate that area.

The fact is, sales are happening everywhere still and you need to be an absolute dominant force or you will be a statistic.

I’m not going to pat you on the head and say ‘it’ll be all right.’

I’m not going to say ‘visualise it, think positive and you’ll make it.’

No frigging way. I am saying, get stuck into it. And no, I don’t mean get into the office at 8.30am, work hard all day, and leave to be home to have dinner with the wife and kids at 5.30pm.

I am saying, do whatever it takes. If you aren’t listing and selling as many as you would like here are some steps.

1 – Analyse your numbers as they stand right now. (I don’t care how bad)
How many people do you talk to each day? How many appraisals / presentations does that generate? How many sales does that generate

2 – Do WHATEVER it takes, based on those numbers, to get some more listings. If you are currently selling one property every two months, then do FOUR times the amount of dollar productive activity, no matter how long that takes, and you will be making one sale a fortnight in 3 months.

3 – Call me, and if you don’t like me, because I’ve been so harsh in this email call your favourite real estate trainer and get some training strategies on how to improve your conversions, referrals, and other systems.

If you do call or email me,  I will help, but I will expect you to do step 2 in the meantime, because this is not the time to be looking for shortcuts. If you’re saying, ‘Glenn I don’t have your number’ then FIND it. I’m not hard to find. You’re in real estate and part of your job is tracking down people and contacting them.

It is necessary, in some areas, to really start treating this business, and the amazing rewards that it offers, with the effort comensurate with those rewards.

One of my coaching clients, Chris Gilmour, is writing 15+ sales per month. He is up at 5am most days and is still going many days after midnight. That’s what it tkaes to be a seven figure earner.

Anyway, enough of my rant, I got a little emotional there and I apologise, but when I see good people leaving the industry, hey, it affects me.

To come and spend a day with a guy who is listing and/or selling a property every working day, visit

Bye for Now,


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  1. Martin J Morris

    Hi Glenn,
    I am bleeding in the heart for this young man, but this is exactly what I have learnt and and teach about the sales science and success, I have witnessed the tragedy of so many people get thrown to the failure of life because of a set back.

    My products and courses go into it in a lot more detail – Following is a brief summary

    Salesperson 1.
    – one who gets a territory to serve, normally constituted by a company and boss –
    I liken it to a Coca-cola salesperson – turns up and asks what is your refill amount needed?
    Normally works the 9-5 / income $60-65000

    Salesperson 2 – flogs a product into what is already the given market in any given time or circumstance – normally retainer and commission in various service industries.

    Works his/her butt off of trying to make money and sales -income $100,000 to 500,000

    Master Sales person – creates the market, the circumstances, the product irrespective of the economy or product price – Income $1million plus although normally financially independant and is acting on a higher plane than trying to make money.

    Both the first 2 need skill, a little discipline and some activity – and most of all they are in constant need of recognition and results to keep their energy and self image up.

    A master sales person has mastered the laws of success and mastered the laws of how to think, imagine, dream and create – this takes time and practice not just work hours.

    The sad part of it is that all the sales training and sytems work on the first 2 types of processes and only 5% of people learn the 3rd – that”s why 95% of people never make it long term in fulfilling their greatest inner desires – they run their life on outside circumstances and the situation they face in each step along the way.

    There is always a changing market place, tough times and good times, if you are going to be in the people business – you need to learn how to be a leader of your life not just a product of the world and its circumstances.

    Nice letter young man, apologises and all – including the excuses –
    but it is all a cop out,

    I dont put this on you, but in the lack of knowledge about real success in any given time period and how to go about it –

    I am ever so thankful that I had great mentors to give it to me straight, a hand up and not a hand out,( as so many of the real estate salespersons have had hand out markets in the last 7 yeras or so and now they are departing like flies)

    Being a Master Salesperson and professional is more than just the product and sales gimmics, it is about who you are and who you become in the process, learning how to be a master of your own destiny.

    Learning your trade and as I recall that takes aprox 5-7 years and professionals up to 15 years-

    Just give me a weeks course ,a certificate and the big bucks

    Give me strengh- what a joke,

    Stay looking up and forward in all things
    Dont let the market dictate your future
    Get a profession or trade -stick to it-master it but above all- learn to master yourself !
    You can do it if you decide and want to

    Aint it great to be alive
    Best of Cheer
    Marty Morris – Master salesperson
    CEO – MM International -Masters in success dynamics

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    Thanks for the indepth reply Marty.

    One thing though, this was from not so young a man. All ages are being affected by the state of the market, in fact, one could argue that only the young or the young at heart, with the desire to learn and the energy to master the science of selling, marketing and persuasion, will make it through this time in the industry.

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  3. Martin J Morris

    Hi Glenn, my apologies and isn’t that the old story -do not assume, it makes an —- out of us. I assumed by the contents that it was written by a new and young person in the industry my apologies to you and the writer of the post

    That being said I still believe we have to be careful as trainers and mentors to not get soft with the facts particularly when it comes to excuses

    You know you had to go through the hard yards, no money, no results, and lots of activity (just like a professional degree and university degree)
    As trainers or consultants, mentors we need to continually be honest about the BAR and what is expected and needed to develop and be successful in a sales career particularly real estate
    The best thing we can do is to give our own personal testimony both the results and the effort to get them
    I know personally that yours is one worth mentioning, as I know you did quit in your mind more than once ,but you never let your actions or your attitude believe it or take control
    Champion –keep up the great work in encouraging others, inspiring others, teaching others but never forget that a leader leads people over the Bar with tough discipline and being temporally in a mind space that they are not in yet
    I am thankful that my mentors stretched my heart with a hand up not a hand out until my disciplines and thinking could catch up
    Aint it great to be alive
    Cheers Marty Morris

    PS -Success is never about age, sex, religion etc it is about the discipline of having a vision ,a dream, a purpose and commitment to them -its about the 3 feet and never never never quitting

  4. Damon

    Good to see the weak are being filtered out of the indusrty.
    Too many bludgers during the boom days, now the reality is kicking in we will see most of them expire.
    Many of them are lucky to have gotten so far though, considering you can become a qualified agent after a few weeks of study. They make way too much for their lack of knowledge. They are salesmen, not experts at the property market, let’s be real.
    Good times, it says this really is a buyers market at the moment.

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