Chris Gilmour – ‘The Real Estate Phenom’

They used to call a wrestler called the Undertaker ‘The Phenom.’ Mainly because he holds this undefeated streak at Wrestlemania of 14 and 0 or something. Well the real estate equivalent of that is one of my guys from the Southside called Chris Gilmour.

I get none of the credit for his success, coz this guy would succeed no matter who his coach was and is. I’m just honoured that he has me as part of his team of weapons of mass destruction, and he’s putting most agents to shame right now.

He recently spoke at an event I held and even shared his insider secrets to a room full of people, some might even be considered his competitors, but this real estate ‘Phenom’ showed everyone in that room, including me, that it’s still possible to be amazingly successful in this, or any, market. (yeah he tries to be all cocky and arrogant, but how selfless an act to teach your competitors, with no benefit to himself, everything that you do to succeed. What a champion!!)

Chris, the Southside is your yard, and you’re the big dog in that yard, and heaven help any business that tries to take on the big dog in your yard.

The ‘Taker used to have a saying….’try me, I’ll make you famous !!!’

Hmm, I guess with a virtual 100% market share in his area, not many agents right now are ‘trying’ Chris Gilmour.

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