They said he’d never make it….(in fact, his first boss regrets losing this guy, I promise !!)

It’s official. Just got this text message….

‘finished the year on $1,040,966! Just did it….Woo Hoo, thanks for all yr help mate’

I just got some feedback that I should have Chris as a wonderful example of success, but make it more about me, and not about him, and you know, that is propbably very good advice, but how the hell do you not have a guy who has taken lots of what I teach, and not only implemented it, and created a seven figure income in his third year, but in many ways IMPROVED my system.

So this post, mate, Chris Gilmour, is a tribute to your success mate, aand a few of your videos below are examples of just why you have done what very few, if any, have done in the past…..

Pipped the seven figure mark, in your third year in the game.

I never did it, 99.9% of agents NEVER do it, including most Principals. Well done mate, the student certainly has, in this case, become the master.


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