‘Real Estate Rocks’ event in Perth May 7

I don’t get to go to Perth nearly enough. I went in 2010 and we had a vlast, met some great clients and really kicked some butt (much to the annoyance of the competitors of the clients who were there !!

Here’s a quick video explaining a little what’s going on !!!

(and click here to join us


Chris and I are really looking forward to it. I’ll be sharing the results of the 18 month long study on the habits, behaviours and systems that awesome real estate agents have, that the 10,000+ who’ve left the industry during the time of my study, did NOT have or do !!!

And I love Chris and how he has thrived in a market where others have struggled. Here’s me talking about him behind his back when he left the room.

(and click here to join us – just a hundred bucks or something…)

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  1. Glenn Twiddle

    hey Lisa,

    main site is
    http://www.realestaterocks.com.au and details are there.

    But it’s May 7
    All day. (and probably a drink or two at night, haha)
    Empyrean in Northbridge Perth.
    It’s about a hundred dollars, try this code ‘RER’ – for members of the ‘Real Estate Rocks’ Facebook page, and I think that will make it $109 or something. Completely unbelievable value I promise.


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