Adding Massive Value in Real Estate

Man, we’re in trouble. I have been talking to a bunch of real estate agents of late about ‘value’ and how cost cutting organisations in our industry are there and able to survive because of the marketplace perceiving less value in full service agencies.

Well seriously the tasj is getting tougher in this new economy. Even big, dumb companies are seeing the ‘streetsmarts’ in adding massive value.

I recently tried the home delivery service of Coles, and boy, are they adding ridiculously high value.

think to yourself how much this SHOULD cost. Someone takes your shopping list, goes down to Coles, and shops, takes the initiative ( should you give them permission to do so) to substitute brands if the one you asked for is unavailable, put the cold stuff in cold bags, freezer stuff in freezer bags, etc, and drive it to your house, carry it inside and put it all on your kitchen bench?

How much value is that, and what would you pay? A busy mother of 3 not having to leave the house? A busy executive not having time to shop?

Surely that’s worth $100 ? Well Coles charge you a whopping $5. FIVE BLOODY BUCKS.

If this is the bar that is being set, ADDING MASSIVE VALUE, then guys, get set to have more pressure put on your pricing. You better start figuring out ways to add actual or perceived value to your service, because the market is being trained to demand more value for its buck.

All the things we’ve been talking about, video testimnials, neogtiation skills, over delivering on expectations, are not just good ideas, they are becoming more and more necessary.

One mistake Coles are making, is not telling their story, because if they marketed this service better (and they possibly would have an oversupply problem if they did), they would have exponentially more customers.

We just chanced upon it, imagine if they did a decent campaign about it?

Lessons from Coles in business learned by lil ole me. I’m impressed !!

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