Mat Steinwede – Buy his book or get out of Real Estate

I have rarely, if ever, made a request of you as strongly as I’m about to that will help your real estate career. (and I don’t make a cent out of this, so understand there is no ulterior motive here, this is for YOU) …..

In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say, buy this book or you probably should unsubscribe from this site, because seriously, if the content of this book, the step by step things Mat Steinwede did to create a multiple seven figure business in not one but TWO completely seperate areas, if that book doesn’t interest you, then I’ll probably never be of much help to you.

The quick version, buy Mat Steinwede’s book for $30 and change your real estate career forever I PROMISE.

but here’s the long version where I tell you a story.

It was only a few years ago that I had never heard of Mat (I’m SO embarrassed to say)

And I’m equally embarrrassed to say, when he wanted to interview me I (GULP) made him jump through some hoops, wait a week or two for me to get back to him, and even fly up, rent a car, drive to see me to spend 20 mins interviewing me, dragging his awesome business partner Jamie with him, and then flew home. (Seriously I am SO embarrassed about that, but I get a lot of requests to ‘pick my brain’)

Anyway, I since have bought and devoured Mat’s ‘Real Estate system’, one of the best $800 I’ve ever spent (and he’s even dropped it to $495 now.)

But what Mat has NOW done, is for people who might even struggle with $495, is take all the strategies, ideas, scripts dialogues, the LOT, and written an expanded version in BOOK format for bloody $30 !!!!!!!!!

Simply put, go and buy it, or get out nof real estate. Mat should sell 50,000 of these books because it should be on the book shelf of every real estate agent in the country.

Sounds like I’m a salesperson for Mat, and you know what, I am. But I don’t make a dime out of this, I am saying this from the heart with all the conviction I can muster.

Step 1 – Buy the Mat Steinwede brand new book at

Step 2 – Read it (often the difficult step when people buy books)

Step 3 – Implement what he says

Step 4 – Wait one year doing what he says all year

Step 5 – Buy me something seriously nice as a thnk you for kicking you up the butt to take steps 1 through 4.

So take the action guys, there’s more in this book than in most $3000 seminars and trainings. I promise you will thank me, and you will thank Mat, one of the most generous, selfless and skilled individuals, with a heart of gold, and with a system that he has proven, over and over, to work at creating kick butt RE agents.

Look forward to hearing how you go !! (And I better hear from Mat that you bought his book !!!!!!)

(click or cut and paste this link, find the book for $30, and let me know how you go)


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