‘To Woo or Not to Woo?’ that is the question

Well, didn’t my nice little email for my friend, Rae Brent, cause a stir. (copy of the full email is at the end of this article)

I sent out an email plugging her book, just released this weekend on Amazon. Link is here by the way…Buy The Money Mirror here(if you like, no pressure….hehe)

I had a very polarising response in the first 10 minutes. Everything from ‘Sure, will buy one in the next day or so.’ (congrats Hayley, link to your site as thanks www.essentialkey.com.au – Home Staging for properties)….

through to a few less than encouraging emails. (and if that’s what got you to unsubscribe, then I guess it was going to be sooner rather than later, because my message is only going to get more controversial next year. Strap yourself in guys, big things planned).

 So here’s the thing. Each to their own people. Yeah I may not exactly subscribe to using ‘The Secret’ and what some of the Law of attraction crowd teach like how to use the Universe like some sort of cosmic ebay, where your positive thoughts are the equivalent of paypal.

That being said, I do absolutely know that there is part of you that is controlling many of your decisions on a day to day basis that is NOT your conscious intellect.

Most of the decisions you make to buy a product, go out with a potential partner, befriend someone, attend a course, start a career, don’t start a career, etc, are made based on your unconscious mind’s programs telling you what to do, but your oh so clever conscious mind thinks it’s making the decisions. (check out the first page of Brian Klemmer’s book – dare I put a link up for fear of people thinking I’m flogging them something…
If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All be Skinny, Rich and Happy)

So I make no apologies for daring to shoot out a plug for my friend’s book. She’s an absolute pleasure to deal with on a business level. She creates raving fans wherever she goes, and those fans include the biggest skeptics like my good self, Mal Emery, and many others high flying Entrepeneurs. And also, let’s see anyone else get a co-author credit with Bob Proctor.

Sorry this email must have caught me on a bad day, and I’m like a tigress defending her cubs, haha, deep breath, back to nice guy Glenn now…..

PS – Here’s the controversial email that started it all….

Hey there, 

Listen, I don’t know how into the ‘woo woo’ stuff you are, but a friend of mine (who is,) has just written and released a book that can only be described as ‘The Secret on Steroids.’ Now just because I happen to use different words than ‘The Secret’ crowd, doesn’t mean I don’t think the techniques used by the ‘woo woo’ mob don’t have power to affect our lives.

Quite the contrary, in fact, I really do teach the same stuff, only instead of me giving credit to ‘the universe’ or other such label, I suggest it is our unconscious mind we are reprogramming, which in turn, creates the change in our lives.

No matter what label, I put on it, when Rae finished her book, with a Foreword by Bob Proctor, from The Secret, I was the first to order a copy, and for under $30, including shipping, with a bunch of bonus goodies (including a goal setting CD by lil ole me), then it’s worth the punt of $30.

It’s called ‘The Money Mirror’ so give this one a shot for your 2011 reading list.

Here’s the link,

 Buy ‘The Money Mirror’ Now

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