Real Estate Video Marketing – Great Example

…well at least I think it is. It had me in tears and I suspect any emotional response to a video is better than boring them to death (come on now, you really aren’t going to tell me that most real estate promotional material in any way ticks the emotional box…some maybe, but not most)

I still am in two minds whether it’s a good thing to have potential buyers crying tears of empathy for a seller, but I have to say I was moved, and if that makes the property, and the agent memorable, that can’t be a bad thing.

Leave it to you to decide, have a look…..

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  1. Andy

    I think there is video marketing and then there is video overkill! I think this definitely qualifies as the latter!

    I recently wrote a post about using videos to market property. It seems that over here in Europe there isn’t so much call for it. People tend to visit a property on the strength of photographs. Obviously a video is just moving pictures so is it really worth doing a video for every property, when there are good quality photos already?

    It’s hard for us as we have thousands of properties on our books. We couldn’t possibly take a video of every single one. For a start we wouldn’t have enough server space, never mind how long it would take!

    Another option that is appearing here lately is the “Virtual Tour”. Basically a video of a single room that can be controlled to allow the viewer to move around the room, zoom in on specific areas etc. A few companies have appeared this year offering that service. Do you use those?

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    hey Andy, seems like very different markets. Our absolute stars have max 50 properties, and even that’s an insane amount, many top performers have about 20 properties on their books at one time, but there are HEAPS of agents in any given area, so a well crafted video is one way to stand out amongst that, as very few agents use video at all, and even fewer use film makers like Platinum HD who made the above video.

  3. Mark

    This one was certainly about creating emotion and was a very well executed video. Despite what we try and believe, a lot of people buy homes with their hearts and not their heads. It makes sense to build on that thread, even photos can be crafted that way but in the end it all depends on the budget.

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