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  1. Peter

    Hi Glen
    Matt said to me that you had and would be sending out his Pre listing kit sheet – ‘ Help Matt Help You’, can you send it asap to my above email address.
    Many Thanks

  2. Adam

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks so much for providing us with the best talent in real estate to date. The seminar was and will continue to be life changing. One thing I took away from this seminar was that as long as you believe in yourself, you will realize that you have the power to achieve your goals!
    Matt Steinwede also mentioned that he was happy to send us his Pre-Listing kit. Could you please let me know how we would be able to obtain this?
    Thanks again and Have a Great week.
    Adam Hargrove

  3. Dave

    Good , costly event for me. seemed a little rushed for me !seemed like they had somewhere better to be .Glenn i couldnt find anything remarkable about the day.
    With a 5 day rSR training in your state its no wonder your guys /girls spit it and leave!
    The auto pilot and electronic marketing ideas from your event was the best thing i took away for the day.
    John Mcgrath looked looked the most genuine Speaker on the day,as well as yourself.
    Well the others came across as pay to speak to me attitude!
    Thanks Dave

  4. Martine

    Great day!
    I keep asking for things that were said on the day like :
    Mat will be happy to send a) his cma b) his help Mat help you and Chris Gilmour said he will be happy to sent his power point presentation.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Richard Locke

    Hi Glen
    enjoyed the day, who could complain to have the best RE agents around speaking. It was chaotic at times with speakers trying to tell everything in 1 hour. if you can come away with a couple of good ideas to work on and more self belief.
    Could you send the pre-listing kit of Matt’s please. Congratulations Glenn you pulled it off. Love to buy you a beer soon

  6. Jim

    All these real estate “trainings” just blah blah blah regurgitating the same stuffs, like property investment spruikers flogging way overpriced “seminars/trainings”. Learn the few basics and go for it. How much training does one need to sell a (bloody) house ?!

  7. Glenn Twiddle

    Jim I have to say then why did I receive over 100 sms, email, voicemail, video, facebook messages etc saying it was the best seminar they’ve ever been to.

    You are right though, it doesn’t take all this training to sell a house.

    But getting a seller to entrust their largest asset they are ever likely to own, to a professional that readers digest ranks as less trusted than a sex worker…. THAT little task takes a LOT of training to do well, in a reliable and predictible enough manner to build a business upon.

    If it’s of no help to you though, cool, no drama. Always vote with your feet mate (or your mouse click as it were)

  8. Robert

    Thanks Glenn, the day gave me the push I needed to open my own office and I have now secured a site and will be open in a month.

    Thanks again, can you please send Mats pre list kit and help Mat help you.

  9. Darran

    I look forward to a great career and hope you can help alot, would love it if you could send the goodies mentioned above. Cheers

  10. Chris

    Hi Glenn,

    I also enjoyed the day but felt some of it was rushed. I was trying to keep up with your presentation. I did send you an email asking for the slides from your presentation but havent heard back.

    I have implemented so much that i learnt on the day. I have started doing the “Ultimate Open Homes”, my only problem now is my listing and appraisal rates has completely fallen off. Im prospecting like crazy and seem to be getting no where. Tips?


  11. Glenn Twiddle

    Hey Chris, goodies in the email, but a bigger question than there’s room to answer here on getting more appraisals despite prospecting like crazy….

    Stay tuned mate, will call you in a sec,


  12. Glenn Twiddle

    hey John,
    Email or facebook inbox me mate, and we’ll have a chat. Should be sweet to squeeze you into the program and get you up to speed with the rest of the team.


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