Sites other than “Real” – Have they got a chance?

I’ve been doing some digging around in this space to see if there’s a snowball’s chance in hell someone can come along and ‘facebook’ the real estate online market. That is a FREE alternative, that everyone embraces, thus giving that free alternative all of the stock, so the buyers will go there, and not need the every increasing in cost,

I teach my guys at the moment, that like it or hate it, they have to pay the piper, and do the feature listings, if everyone in their area is doing normal listings. I say they HAVE to do highlight listings, if everyone else is doing feature listings, and so on.

I even registered as a ‘I might try and do it myself’ kind of thing, but I’m really not up for another ball in the air with all I’m doing. But I did look around. That REMMA one, seriously, is as good as I would have hoped mine could be. Now I have no idea whether it will ever to to what Facebook did to Myspace, or what Google almost did to, but given that it’s FREE, it always will be, and all you have to do is sign up and tell them what CRM you use, and all of your listings will have another avenue for exposure, (hell even the links you get to your own site is worth the five minutes it takes to sign up)

So I reckon give it a bash. Here’s the link to sign up, and remember it’s free, and currently, they are even getting traction with buyers, so I’m told. Oh yeah, and the video thing that’s currently going nuts and everyone is currently fighting to get the right support from the other sites, well it seems REMMA rocks with video as well. I ain’t shovin it down your throat, but I reckon ‘why not, it’s free’ and it can’t hurt, and it just might help.

Take a look around and sign up as an ‘agent/expert’ – nothing to lose. I did some digging around and here’s a bit of their spiel.

“REMMA is 100% Australian owned and operated, REMMA is here to complement all agents current marketing strategies not usurp them just yet! REMMA has been engineered and is using a new platform to bring buyers and tenants together with property experts. REMMA is different to anything else out there in the property advertising arena and will give the agents a real point of difference out in the field. Users are flocking to REMMA because it is new, different and happening. Increase your online exposure and your reach right across Australia and around the world with REMMA. REMMA, REMMA, REMMA !!!! It’s all happening.

Would you like to join us and showcase your properties for FREE on REMMA – Real Estate Match Making Australia?

REMMA is a new and Nationwide, real estate property marketing, advertising and social media website.

You will love REMMA and the benefits that will come to you, your office, your staff and your Clients too.

You will get extra online exposure, more activity, genuine leads and referrals and many other features are there for you and your Staff to use on REMMA as well.

You can showcase your listings by ‘video’ and load a ‘live business card’ and your own profile video as well.

Daily matching emails are sent to Buyers and Tenants from REMMA all across Australia and around the World daily.

There are many other listings tools for you on REMMA and the detailed and inclusive listing and property information sheets can be printed up for your open homes and all your Clients.

You can ‘chat’ to your clients,other members and colleagues on REMMA also.

And, for your convenience you can manage and stocktake all of your listings under the one ‘office profile’ at a glance too.

I am sure you are going to love it!

Visit “

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  1. Bill Atkinson

    Hi Glenn. Very surprised to see you advocate the REMMA site and not an industry one. REMMA will never ever gain mainstream traction with consumers or agents in my opinion because if Packer realised he couldn’t do it with MyHome and burnt $35 million only to pull out in the first 18 months how can Jeanette ever manage a behemoth the size required to be even a competitor to the third player in the market never mind Domain or REA.

    It’s a nice thought to support Jeanette but realistically the only option is to use REA to your advantage until an industry portal is a reality. Seriously Glenn you don’t really think any portal will be free to list forever do you?? There is just no way a commercial operation the size of REA can be run for free or from Jeanette’s garage. Just look at the REA story where they started and where they are now.

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    Hey Bill, there isn’t really an industry one yet is there? There are a few REI ones, and yup, they would be worth throwing your listings on too, but I guess, have we really got an alternative? And when we say ‘ industry’ who do we mean?

    As there is no peak body that speaks for ALL real estate agents, I think the only hope for this would be someone like an independent.

    But like facebook offers its PRIMARY service for free, and still manages to draw a profit from having eyeballs looking at it (ie users using it) then surely a portal could stay free if it could draw advertising revenue from people wanting access to it’s audience?

    But I am a complete, uninformed rookie in this space, and there are FAR more qualified brains than lil ole me like Greg Vincent, Glenn Batten, Peter Fletcher and PEter Brewer to continue the debate, coz those guys actually know what they’re talking about. I’m a layman just pondering food for thought.

  3. Noddy

    Facebook draws money from business advertising on it. So if Remma doesn’t want to charge agents then that means other business will have to foot the bill. Why on earth would they do that when {with all due respect} it’s a second rate site compared to rea and domain in terms of audience ???

  4. Glenn Twiddle

    Yup agreed Noddy. Any of these free ones will have to ride it out long enough (like facebook had to) without revenue until such time as there’s enough eyeballs on it to justify someone (like me) seeing value in advertising on there.

    Tough gig, which is why I said in the article, glad I ain’t the one with that task ahead of me, but you know, I don’t mind supporting someone having a crack, especially when the people I’m suggesting have a go at it, don’t pay anything and it takes literally no time.

  5. Jenni

    Hi Glenn – thanks for the info and you just never know what is going to take the world by storm next. Just one thing – there’s a box you can tick somewhere (check with your web master) that can ensure that when someone clicks on a link in your article it opens in another page instead of taking them away from your page.

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