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  1. Treston Bamber

    Thanks Glenn – Legendary stuff mate as usual!

    For those of you that are sitting there wondering wether or not you should make the investment – do yourself 2 favour’s for 2014…
    1st – Buy this package.
    2nd – Just do what most of you won’t – Apply what it says to do in the pack don’t try and reinvent the wheel just take massive action and I guarantee you that 2014 will change your reality on what you think is possible in real estate!!.

    Happy 2014!!

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    haha, cheers for the comments lads !!

    Kevin, you are a legend, I still can’t believe what an amazing human being you are. North of 80 (yes 80 years old) and still as hungry to learn, serve your clients, and fired up as anyone I have ever met in this industry !!

    A credit to your craft mate.

    And Treston, your early years in real estate have been inspirational, and what you have achieved in a few short years, would make some veterans envious (and I’m sure you have, haha)

    Legends guys !

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