Qld Real Estate Agent Summit – The Wrap

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Overall –
Lesson learned, get the best tech crew. My cunning ‘Fat Boy – Hulk Hogan’ transformation, the hard work was done and was somewhat spoiled by tech.

Was fun all the same however. Little vid here –

Intro was done by the legendary, (now best selling author) Terri Cooper, who is almost like my co host of this show. She got the ball rolling while I was hiding back stage ‘Hulking up’ .  (her talk also got one of the best responses in terms of people rushing to get autographed books, etc, AND she showed how unlicensed agents MAY be able to even get their full license free, with government funding. Contact Terri for more details)….then….

Pat Mesiti started the show in his own, unique ‘Mr Motivation’ fashion. Great kick off to QREAS, followed by

Glenn Twiddle. Yup, lil ole me, many in the room who have seen me for years claim it was my best and most valuable talk to date. I was too stressed to know whether it was good or bad, haha.

Kurek Ashley absolutely blitzed the room. Everyone loved him and he signed books well into the next segment. Peak performance coach is a term loosely thrown around the self help industry. Kurek epitomises this accolade for real.

Kevin Turner then brought on his best of the best panel, which many have suggested was the best to date. Zac McHardy, Edgar Natalo, Peter Shires and Michael Spillane absolutely blitzed with the methods they are using to succeed when surrounded by failure.

The day was finished off by the legendary Chris Gilmour. A seven figure in his third year in real estate, even the other speakers were in awe. Great way to finish day 1.

Day 2 started off with Simon Treselyan nearly buring down the venue with his flaming wall of board breaking death. haha.
(The residue from the fire extinguishers remained the rest of the day on the floor, briefcases shoes and even the guests in the front few rows.)

Next up was Renegade Marketer Mal Emery, sharing the rebellious marketing secrets that have created more millionaires in this country than anyone else. His message was if we aren’t trusted, we don’t list, so he spent several sections of his talk on methods of increasing trust with clients.

The afternoon and evening, many describe, as the highlight of the show (and anyone who ‘had to go’ well you’ll learn next time.

John Dwyer, the guy who got Jerry Seinfeld for a little known building society from Newcastle, showed us how to absolutely ‘WOW’ our communities with our marketing, and in my opinion, was one of the top two major highlights of the event.

Mark Dwyer was the other. Simply the best trainer of listing presetation skill, negotation and the art and science of being a real estate. Given we were already over time, we just kept going til Mark dropped, (about 730pm, THEN Edgar NAtalo and myself stayed until about 1030 taking questions and helping wherever we could.)

All in all, a blast and stay tuned for the finale, a webinar with Greg Vincent on Social Media, that had to be skipped because Greg’s schedule was tight, and our timing being over, meant Greg couldn’t miss his plane, so a QREAS – Final Wrod webinar has been organised, so the ‘life changing’ hasn’t ended….. Comments are below.

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  1. Glenn Twiddle

    ‘seen a lot of speakers in my stint in real estate some supposed to be the best in the country and world for that matter but tonight two hours was better than all of them combined. Good luck at seminar. Kind regards, Steve Venn Caloundra

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn
    Yes, I thought it was excellent in many ways – and the best value ever!  There was no arrogance at all and a genuine concern to make us the best which we can be. Karine and I both enjoyed it and the time flew by…we would have stayed much longer if possible!

    I don’t think you actually appreciate how good you are and how talented you are as a trainer and I personally don’t think you should give a flying hoot on what people say or think about you – ! ….on the training session…it was excellent and the content was good and I am sure you will do a great job. You just enjoy training and chatting so will always go overtime…but that’s fine! Fly through the finer points!!!

    Enjoy – you ‘ll do fantastically !

    Gaby McEwan

  3. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn,

    Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and all the presenters for a great 2 days. We enjoyed every minute and gained a wealth of knowledge and ideas to now go and implement in our business.

    It was a nice change to also see a positive mindset amongst peers. I am sure my staff, past, present and future clients and myself will benefit from our participation.

    Well done.

    Kind Regards,

    Garry Green

  4. Glenn Twiddle

    Glen, I had a blast at the QREAS lost of good stuff and learnt lots. The reason for this email is to ask how to find more investors as you may recall we do Project Marketing and need help finding more buyers have you any ideas?

  5. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks again for a fantastic two day mate, my head hurts with the massive amount of awesome information that is crammed in there,

    I can’t wait to use it!!! And most of all profit from it!!!

    Can you tell me the name of the last speaker yesterday please,

    I lost one of my note pads with names and notes. (Bugger)

    Kind regards

    Wayne Hutchinson

  6. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn,

    Thank you for the potentially life changing 2 days that you organized and hosted.

    As I have said before I have been to many seminars and motivational talks with world class speakers and motivators and all have ended up being of very little help.
    I can honestly say I thought this may have been another one of those but after attending I am now baking the biggest humble pie ready for me to eat!!

    I have been one of the elite performers for my agency and the other agencies I have worked for, for the past 4 or so years but the level that you
    and your training can take me or any other ordinary person to is beyond comprehension and belief.

    The word elite is very loosely used in this industry but certainly does have merit when it is affiliated with you and your organization of training programs and coaches.

    Kind Regards,

    ‘The Next Millionare’ (thanks to the above) – you bloody ripper!

    Steve Venn ”expect excellence at no extra cost”
    Property Professional
    LJ Hooker
    PO Box 1789
    125 Bulcock Street
    Mob: 0418 346 539

  7. Glenn Twiddle

    Glenn – you so deserve these words from Steve – as I keep saying to you – your work is amazing and the heart with which you do it is your huge difference in the world of trainers who are slick, polished but often insincere.

    Enjoy your bourbons!

    Terri 

  8. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn

    Congratulations. All your hard work paid off, the best 2 days I think I’ve ever spent and got so much out of. I’m sure everyone there thought the same thing. Top class speakers, good networking. The venue was good – so many lunch places to choose from. I didn’t get to speak with you, don’t know why – just so much going on, my head was in a spin. Hope to see hear from you soon.


  9. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glenn,

    This is Kris Sutcliffe from Steve Hay Real Estate. Mate, I would like to thank you for putting together a fantastic 2 days! This was the first QREAS event I have attended, but can assure you it won’t be my last!

    I signed up for further training with Simon Treselyan, as he impressed the hell out of me! In the package I bought, it included extra training on body language, hypnotic behaviour etc with the two of you as speakers! I cannot wait for this, as I find the subjects very fascinating.

    During day 1, you mentioned it was possible to email you for the QREAS scripts? Is there a chance of getting a copy?

    Glenn, I had an absolute ball, and look forward to catching up with you again soon!!!


    Kris with a “K” Sutcliffe

  10. Glenn Twiddle

    Mate just wanted to say a big congrats and thank you for the 2 days.
    Took allot in and I hope I helped as well.

    Looking forward to the next event.

    Edger is fantastic and we are about to start talking about doing something together to help other agents so again thank you for connecting me with him.

    Will keep spreading your name to as many people.

    Zac McHardy
    Professional Sales Consultant

    Raine & Horne Chermside

  11. Glenn Twiddle

    I wanted to thank you your getting me involved in the Real Estate summit as I did get a lot out of it. I catch up with Gilmore a bit but have now been in contact with Edger and found the info I got from the top performers invaluable.

    I want to take my career to the next level and know that I have everything it takes to be the Sunshine Coasts biggest thing. I would love to buy you a coffee and have a chat about this.

    Thank you once again and look forward to your reply.

    Matt O’Grady.

  12. Glenn Twiddle

    Hi Glen .
    Just a quick email to say thanks for a great couple of days,
    When you work from home like I do now days you can get a bit set your ways ,so it`s good to see whats new out there especially
    In the social net work side of things.
    It`s interesting to see that the sales people who need to be there never turn up to see these great speakers.
    All the best .
    Graham Gee

  13. Glenn Twiddle

    Vicki Ford
    Glenn thanks for a great 2 days, love your style and frankness, cause you tell it how it is and there should be more of it, can’t wait to start your coaching, can’t wait to improve.. thank you for the opportunity go QREAS!! Vicki Ford Remax Ultimate

  14. Glenn Twiddle

    Christine Rudolph Property
    What a great week Glenn, congratulations on QREAS. What a first class line up, truly the best and most valuable real estate seminar I have ever attended. Well done!

  15. Glenn Twiddle

    Srinivas Patimedi
    Hi Glenn,
    You are a man with a golden heart…Thanks so much for 2 days of QREAS. I am sure to implement the ideas I got from all those legends on stage.

  16. Glenn Twiddle

    Crystal Webster
    Thankyou to Glenn Twiddle for such an informative two days for myself and my great boss Shane West! Gathering ALL those successes must of been a run-a-round! Now we have Simon Treselyan our side! and we are ready to dominate like warriors!

  17. Glenn Twiddle

    Terri M Cooper
    Glenn – the time and energy you put into giving us 1000% of value in the 2 days of QREAS are so very much appreciated – many agents’ careers will be saved because of the generous teachings from yourself and the other speakers – thankyou for the opportunity to be part of such a great 2 days! It was inspiring:)

    My response – ‘there’s so much feedback being thrown at me, all 100% positive and frankly tear jerking. emails, sms’s, fb msgs, wall posts, holy hell, think we outdid ourselves guys. !!!

    And to the amazingly courteous and giving Greg Vincent, we are going to do a special, invite only webinar with Greg, so stay tuned. I spoke about his content with Greg, and goodness….suffice to say, QREAS ain’t done saving careers just yet. Bait your breath….’

    Joshua Zampech The praise and recognition is well deserved Glenn Twiddle. Keep up the outstanding work. The Real Estate Industry is lucky to have you!

    Terri M Cooper amen to that Josh!

  18. Glenn Twiddle

    Real Estate Coach Edgar Natolo
    For those who attended QREAS, please remember to implement with the system I taught. Great things will happen in 90 days as it all gets traction! Glenn Twiddle deep down you got heart of gold!

  19. Glenn Twiddle

    I can honestly say that the last 2 days was the BEST real estate seminar I have ever attended. I have hardly slept in 48 hours as I am so excited about implementing some of the amazing ideas given to us. I feel inspred, motivated and got my mojo back (to quote Terri M Cooper) Thanks a million Glenn Twiddle, you rock!! And I will sleep next month….lol

  20. Edgar Natolo

    GT, that HULK mania moment was awesome. I know how late your worked on that and the t-shirt ripping WOW! Bring him back!

    QREAS bud, if people only knew the weeks, months, hours of planning, the effort, how early you got there and how late you stayed and the passion you have deep down to help, to really help regardless of what it “costs you” I am sure everyone would send you more cash to cover the costs because it was worth 10 times more than admission!

    You have helped a lot of people and good karma will be coming your way. Everyone who reads this, help Glenn, support him, share the love and let’s make this real estate world a better place than what we found it in!

  21. Mark Noble

    Congratulations Glenn,

    I knew that I would me missing something great by not being at QREAS this year, but as you know circumstances stopped me from getting up this year.

    After reading all of the rapturous comment nothing will stop me from attending next year!!!!!


    Mark Noble McDonald Partners Real Estate

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