Now is the Time

Well, maybe. I had a few real estate students ask recently about what to say when a seller says, ‘oh the market’s crud, I’ll wait til my house is worth more before I sell.’

Fair comment and happens fairly often.

The problem is, with most people, they are selling to upgrade. If that’s the case, then while they are waiting for their house to go up 10%, so to is the house they are going to upgrade to.

So in round figures, if the $500,000 house they were selling goes up 10% and the $1,000,000 house they want to upgrade to go up 10% in the same market, your seller is $50,000 worse off than if they made the move NOW.

For my platinum members I have a template for that letter, so email me and you can have that and I’ll put it up in the library soon, but this is the principal in that letter, is that if you’re selling to buy more expensive, waiting will cost you.

Let me know if I can help further you guys,

Glenn Twiddle

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