When even other TRAINERS have this to say

for a busy woman like Terri M Cooper to take an HOUR out to do what she mentions below, is right up there as one of the nicest compliements I have received. Thanks Terri, as a student of YOURS way back then, I am completely humbled by this…….(right, now I gotta put my macho persona back on….haha, I don’t think I’m fooling anyone !!) Have a read folks, this is why I do it…..

From: REM – Terri M Cooper [mailto:terri@realestatemastery.com.au] Sent: Monday, 18 November 2013 8:15 AM
To: ‘Glenn Twiddle’
Subject: RE: here’s your mon morn fire up !!!
Importance: High

Morning my friend! We haven’t talked for a while – but I have just watched your ET video – OMG what a man – what an inspiration!

Then something clicked me back to the page with so many of your testimonials. Glenn I want to say how proud I am to have known you from the start at Coldwell Banker – without that time we may never have connected in person. I have spent the last hour watching the lives of agents that have been turned around and changed because of you. So many trainers of old were in it for the money – the rah rah –nothing about the implementation – nothing about the heartfelt caring that you show for everyone under your wing – both males and females.

What you have done – and are doing – and will do in the future for our industry is unequalled – you have gathered a community of world class performers – agents, trainers, coaches and presenters – who share your values and come from the heart as you do.

Congratulations on everything you are and have done for our industry (I get your big hug even from here!)


Terri Cooper, Principal
Office: 07 3102- 4989
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