Social Media for Real Estate

Man, I’m almost sick of hearing those words.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘Social Media’ is the present, and the future of Real Estate Marketing, I guess I’m just sick of hearing everyone’s opinion on what works, what doesn’t, what will work, what’s coming, and all that, when firstly, very few are actually DOING IT successfully, very few can drive the technology well, even fewer can teach others to DO IT SUCCESSFULLY, and virtually no one can do all of the above.

It’s almost like everyone who owns a fan page or two with a couple of hundred people on it, who uses Facebook, is calling themselves a ‘social media guru’ and telling us what’s ethical, what’s etiquette and all other such rubbish. (how many people have ever told you in other media what’s ‘etiquette?’ eg ‘oh no, you don’t say that on a flyer, it’s just not etiquette’ – Hey, there’s an unfriend button and a block button people !!!!

I mean the media(various Social Media platforms) are so new, that no very few can definitively say, ‘this is the way.’

I have two ‘goto sources’ of reliable information and I wanted to introduce you to one of mine. (of course in other seminars and articles I’ve introduced you to my other one, who is Greg Vincent)

The other is my secret weapon, who I have jealously guarded and not said as much about. He’s an ace in the whole I’ve kept to myself, but we recently hung out after a speaking gig we both did, we caught up in Perth, and I just recently listened to his full home study course, and frankly, it would be remiss of me to keep him to myself any longer.

So here’s what I talked him into doing.

I have two copies of his FULL home study course to give away (plus a consult with the man himself to tell you what to fix if something is not ideal in your social media online world.

So, go to my facebook wall of my business page (yes this is one of the things he taught me to do to help you, and at the same time, promote my lil business page)

So go to

And tell us what your biggest Social media question is? OR if you already have this down pat, tell us what your biggest social media victory/winning strategy is. One or the other and we’ll choose one we like, completely up to myself and Paul who will win based on creativity, insight, or if someone is in genuine need of assitance.

So, like the page, make your comment, and good luck winning one of the two home study courses and consults with one of Australia’s leading Social Media experts, who is DOING it, has shown others how to DO IT, has more ‘social reach’ on his pages than many brands put together, has been the #1 agent in WA a squillion times over the years, and of course if you haven’t figured it out yet, the gentleman I’m talking about is none other than Mr Paul Tonich from Altitude Real Estate.

While on Facebook, it would also be very clever to dig up Paul and say hey to him as well !!

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  1. Greg Vincent

    Paul Tonich is an absolutely brilliant exponent of ‘Social Media for Real Estate’. (Oops! there’s that phrase again mate. lol).

    Agents should pay whatever it costs to grab his FULL Home Study Course.

    PS: Thanks for the mention Glenn.

  2. Tim Overton

    Now that you have collected my details for your Data base
    I find Social media is a hard one to Crack .
    Asking people to help you get your business out in front of a larger audience is against the rules.
    Especially as you the Small business person is passionate about your Business and can’t really understand why others aren’t as passionate about your message .
    Especially when you are looking to build their Business.
    Question How do we rally others to Help !!! without being bonked on the Head by the Fb police….
    Cheers Glenn

  3. Peter Taliangis

    Hi Glenn,
    Great article.
    I use Social Media a lot. Google me and you will see.
    I dont have any questions or comments – just wanted to say hi.
    I get your e-mails etc and missed you in Perth, but heard your chat with David Willis – which was great – also heard you with some marketing guru a few years back in Perth.
    Wish you happiness and health

  4. Glenn

    Good post Glenn Twiddle, I’m with you, it was 12-15 years ago that our MD of the company said “there’s NO future for real estate on the internet”. Do we ALWAYS have to be first to adopt the next ‘big thing’?
    What is it about our profession that we’re an easy target for the “travelling salesmen”?

  5. Terry smith

    Well I just want to win the prise. I have so much to learn about social media.

    I have found that starting is easy but then what?

    Question. If I have a good Facebook page do I need a website too?

    Comment: I do like your Aussie positive attitude.

    Thanks for you great ideas and comments

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