Cabo Wabo at noon is still a party


OK, this is a little off topic but I’m experimenting on adding video content to the ole blog. This was a trip I took to Cabo San Lucas at the Cabo Wabo last year, just after Van Halen was inducted into the hall of fame (onya Sammy and Mike for bothering to turn up, boo sucks to Dave, Ed and Alex).

Anyway, down at the Cabo Wabo this is the sort of thing that goes on at lunch time. We were special guests of Aaron Hagar and his Dad Sammy for this special invite only gig, and it was a ripper. This was the 16th Mar 2007 and it absolutely rocked and we were plastered by lunch time. (Sammy and crew do it annually at a cruise called ‘Are we having fun yet’)

Unfortunately those drinks they have down there called ‘Waboritas’ are the most potent alcohol in the world. I mean I can drink a bottle of Jim Beam and ok, I’m a little inebriated but not like what 8 of these things did to me.

Anyway, work hard, PLAY HARDER is the motto here.

What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico !!!

Another cool video with Sammy singing one of his best with footage of the Blue Angels planes. httpv://

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