Real Estate Training Student sleeps in car !!

I constantly get impressed by the heart of people I run into in the real estate world. I did a week in Toowoomba training a group of really energetic, brand new, sales people for Real Estate jobs in Toowoomba, and really all over SE Qld.

One of the guys was a young guy called Ben, and he made it known to the group on the last day that for at least one of the nights, he slept in his car between the trainings.

The rest of the group all said, ‘you should have mentioned it and you could have stayed with us…’ and similar comments.

It reminded me of a wrestler who didn’t have the genetics of a Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, he was average height, a bit of a porky build, didn’t have a beautiful face, and he just wanted to be a wrestler so bad, he would do WHATEVER it takes to do it. And after much paying of dues, he rose to the absolute top of the world of wrestling. He even drove hundreds of miles to train to be a wrestler and slept in the freezing cold, in his car. That is exactly what young Ben did. (by the way, the wrestler is also a best selling author now called Mick Foley, and his wrestling characters were known as Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, look him up, he even has a few autobiographies. ) Do some searching and find out how cold it was in Toowoomba in late June, OUCH!! I wish Ben had of mentioned it to someone to save him freezing his butt off, but then, this wouldn’t be as good a story when Ben is making hundreds of thousands a year in his 20’s.

Then young Ben gave me a gift and a thank you card at the end of the training, that he took the time to get to know MY interests, and gave me a nice gift and a thank you. The gift was a pacman belt buckle, and for anyone who’s been in my bar (or as Kayleen and I refer to it, my SHED) will know, after seeing my pacman arcade machine, was a very well placed gift on Ben’s behalf.

Now, whether Ben O’Brien makes it to the top of this industry or not is ENTIRELY up to HIM, but I believe if he can maintain the attitude that he hinted at during the week I spent with that group, then Ipswich real estate agents, watch this space in a year or two, as the top dog may have just been born.

And Ben, keep an eye on the mailbox, there’ll be something in there soon for you.

There’ll be a copy of one of my Cd’s in the mail. (check my shop at for more info.)

Well done, and I hope to write a follow up to this post when you earn your first six figure yearly income before you turn 25.

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  1. lobrien

    This is Ben’s Mum. Ben dropped in to see me after his Saturday shift at work, full of enthusiasm and bubbly excited talk after his week of training in Toowoomba. “Mum I can’t stay long I have to catch the library before it closes, I’m after some books by Alan Pease to help me read body language… and can you give me 50 bucks,,, for my education? I need to buy a CD by Glenn Twiddle. I’m not going to listen to music in my car, I’m going to memorise Glenn Twiddles motivational CD, and when I know it off by heart, you can give it to Dad to listen to.” (Ben’s Dad has an interest in real estate). Thanks Glenn for inspiring my son, and for your kindness in sending him the CD. Do you think I’ll ever see that $50 again? Both of his parents are proud of him anyway.

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    An absolute pleasure, Mum (you didn’t leave a name so Mum will have to do for now). Ben didn’t know I was going to send him a CD anyway so he ordered one before he found out so I’ll make sure I send him a bunch of good stuff of mine and other speakers (I’ll make sure there’s a few hundred bucks worth of goodies to keep him busy for the next few months.)

    And if you don’t see an amazing return on your $50 with an attitude like his in the coming years, well I’ll be sure to eat my hat, refund your cash and be very, very surprised. Haha. Thanks for the kind words and it was a pleasure to have Ben in the group last week.

    Now, it’s up to HIM.

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