Real Estate Sales: Spruce Up the Exterior First

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For many years, real estate agents have been advising property sellers to clean, decorate and paint the interior of their home to create a good impression for potential buyers. But what about the exterior? As the first part of the property to be seen by potential buyers, the exterior needs to create a good first impression. Let’s take a look at some tips for sprucing up the exterior of your home to increase its sales potential.

Tidy Up the Yard

Although it might seem trivial, having toys, sports equipment, bikes or yard tools scattered over the front yard or driveway can turn off potential buyers. You only get to make one first impression, so make sure the yard is tidy when potential buyers come to view the property.

Replace or Repaint Doors and Windows

Peeling paint on your door and window frames can make a property look run-down. Even damage that is purely cosmetic will create an impression in the mind of the buyer that your home is poorly maintained. Give your doors and window frames a new coat of paint, or replace them if they are broken, to give a better first impression. Oil hinges so that they move smoothly, without creaking, and keep your doors and windows clean to make them look new and in good condition. If you have a garage, make sure the door works. Most buyers don’t want to have to change too many things about their new home, so make sure the exterior is in the best possible working order when you show people around.

Make Your Home Beautiful

Humans are emotional creatures. We often make decisions based on our gut feelings rather than logical analysis. For this reason, a beautiful home is more likely to sell than one that is not so attractive. You can easily and cheaply beautify the exterior of your home by adding window boxes or hanging baskets filled with bright and cheerful flowers. Choose flowers that are pretty but easy to care for, such as geraniums or petunias.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

It might seem corny, but a welcome mat actually makes a very positive impression in the mind of a potential buyer. Remember, people who view your property are trying to decide whether they could feel at home there. Anything that you can do to make them feel welcome – even little details such as laying down a welcome mat and hanging a wreath on the door in winter – will increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Staging Your Home

Think of your yard, driveway and property exterior as an introduction to your property. Work on creating an environment that makes potential buyers want to come in, look around, and maybe even make an offer. If your home is on the market, don’t limit yourself to sprucing up the interior: spending just a small amount of time and money on the exterior of your home could have a much greater effect on its sales potential.


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