Andrew Kyriakou on Today Tonight – Outrageous Video Marketing

One of my clients, Andrew Kyriacou, appeared tonight on Today Tonight, and showcased his unique style of video marketing. And massive props to Today Tonight, they weren’t out to make him look silly (well, as you can see, my man kind of thrives on making himself look a bit silly !! haha) but they really just plugged his business for nearly six minutes on Prime Time TV.

A great example of putting yourself out there, taking a risk, and receiving a massive benefit in the form of free publicity.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know I’ve been a massive advocate of using video in property marketing since the outset, and we’re seeing a bunch of my guys and girls becoming local celebrities in their area using these techniques (coupled with the other strategies of course. Notice Andrew’s book mentioned in the article, guess who had that book written for him !!)

Andrew, love ya mate, tried hard, done good !!

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  1. Hilton A Gold

    not sure if they are allowed to use platiunum HD footage naughty naughty steel up!

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