Real Estate Video Marketing – Extreme

Michael Spillane takes video marketing for real estate to the nth degree. Take a look at this documentary shot on location of Michael’s latest effort selling a normal, everyday home in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

In this video, Glenn explores what happens behind the scene when using video marketing in real estate, and gets an insight into the mind of one of real estate’s leading agents when it comes to this media. Michael Spillane is RE/MAX’s #1 or 2 agent in Australia most months and is currently #13 in the WORLD, so it’s worth having a look at what top real estate agents do with their marketing.

Click here to view it (but you’ll have to email me to get the password to view it)

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  1. Sid Hassarati

    Very creative Michael,
    People keep forgetting why we got into real estate for in the first place and that`s to have
    FUN…..FUN….. FUN.

  2. Pamela Harrower

    Great video, bound to get lots of hits and kids watching it over and over. Side note, Michael is looking pretty fit, those dance moves would have me on the floor puffing.

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