Call me naive

IS it just me ??

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  1. Glenn Twiddle

    have a look at this on youtube, think youtube are making all vids big by default. Scary looking head at that resolution, damn high quality cam, gonna go back to a dodgy low res cam, I look better in fuzzy focus, haha.

  2. Nathan Haynes

    Well said Glenn. It’s the classic case of people hoping that things will get better and change. Reality is if nothing changes, nothing changes. Can’t wait to hang out dude with you and all the speakers… Definitely worth the travel from Wollongong. Keep changing lives mate….you’re a champion.

  3. ils townley

    Hi Glenn,

    I am also surprised that you haven’t booked out yet. Isn’t it funny that the agents who are doing really well, are the first ones to book? I can’t wait to not only learn some more skills from the best, but the positive vibe that surrounds your training and speakers. It;s like drinking a case of Redbull in 2 days! This seminar is going to give us wings to soar above the rest..

  4. Terri M Cooper

    HI Ils – your attitude is typical of those agents who are rising to the top now – unfortunately there are still far too many who still believe in magic – that their listings and sales results will just magically turn around. It is the 80/20 rule in action – congratulations for always being in that top 20% who will take advantage of whatever is on offer to improve (and incidentally make more money!!)

    I look forward to seeing you there and saying “HI!”

    Cheers Terri

  5. Heather

    Hey Glenn You look great …….nice location ………….I am looking forward to some more of your inspiration next week. Cheers Heather

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