Becoming a Real Estate ‘Local Hero’ in Your Market Place with Community Events

Jesse James became an ‘Local Celebrity’ overnight by running one of the biggest events his area has seen. The ‘Grass Roots Bull Riding’ event, saw over 2000 people attend his event, and in doing so, catapulted Jesse’s fame and fortune. Then he backed it up again in 2013……

jesseJesse had been to a LOT of ‘traditional’ real estate training in his short career and had definitely done well. In his former brand, he was the up and coming young gun taking out many awards.

He then took a massive financial risk, and bought the Ray White franchise at Redland Bay, and ‘put it all on the line.’ And he built up a very good business and put in the effort required. But he then found himself plateauing and found it challenging to differentiate his brand from the other agencies in the area.

It was around this time he found myself and my client, and now speaker, Chris Gilmour. Jesse adopted these ‘Stand Out from the Crowd’ type of marketing principles, and in many ways, improved upon the strategies that we taught him, and took them to levels that we couldn’t have even imagined.

Having grown up in Crows Nest, interestingly where Ray White started in 1902, Jesse decided to bring his country roots to his current market place, and the ‘Grass Roots Bull Ride’ was born.

Jesse singlehandedly pulled the local businesses together, and after a MAMMOTH effort by Jesse and his small team, managed to host a most successful event and in doing so, turned Jesse into a household name.

On Australia Day weekend, funnily enough, it was the same weekend the whole city was flooded, and the 2000 strong crowd may well have been 5000 had the weather not been so inclement. So the event went off, and in doing so, with the uncertainty of the weather and other factors, probably took ten years off young Jesse’s life, and is now an annual occurance.

The night of the event even concluded with 80’s legends Pseudo Echo appearing and ending an amazing event.

Well done Jesse, RIDE EM COWBOY

More to come on the wrap up of the 2013 event, where, wait for it, Jesse HIMSELF got on a bull called ‘Widow Maker’ ….. How long do you think he lasted?

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