Update on Batgirl – Marketing Maverick in Caboolture

While the ‘Keyboard Warriors’scoffed at her outrageousness (and even I thought she went a bit far) Caboolture Real Estate agent, (and attendee of a few of my ‘Outrageous MArketing’ seminars) has gone from relative obscurity, like almost ALL real estate agents are in the eyes of consumers, even though WE think we are marketing ourselves effectively, to an overnight, NATIONAL celebrity.

Check out the latest in a long stream of radio, newspaper, magazine, online articles…..and now, NATIONAL TV

The nay-sayers can sit in their market, all suited and tied up, and proud of the ‘professionalism’ an scoff at Tamara’s lack thereof, but hey, who is now known by thousands of more people, and in this game the more who know you, the more you make. So congrats again to Tamara for having a crack.

Real Estate Agent Pruple Cow

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  1. Junaid ally

    I would love to see her response from future sellers. It’s a conundrum I’m dealing with too. How much is too much?

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