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But today, I am here to teach – I am here to show you a few things about what’s been going on, a few innovations that we have been doing in our coaching program and a few things that really draw your attention to, to help you with your real estate career. And of course this is just a taste of what you are going to get at the heavy artillery event, just kidding.

Ok, so at the advent of video in real estate marketing, I’ve got two brilliant examples, strategic use of video. At the end of this video I am going to play you two different examples of just masterful use of video. See, over the last few years of course, nearly everyone has got broadband connections. Nearly everyone can stream video, just as quickly and easily in their homes as really it used to be a very small percentage, like five or ten years ago people who had broadband. Now You Tube it seems has become the most watched media on the planet. You know, so if you are not using video in your real estate marketing, then you are being left behind and it’s only a matter of time before you are going to be forced to, before it’s the mainstream.

So why not become an early adoptor of video rather than playing catch up ball? So at the end of this video I am going to be showing you two brilliant examples of two very simple, very easy to use ways of ejecting video into your marketing.

Now the first example that I am going to show, is the use of using video to sell a property. Now of course, no video is going to sell a property but it’s just part of the marketing mix but more importantly it’s going to help you get more listings. You know if you are looking for points of difference, well everyone can do a sign and everyone does. And everyone can do a listing and everyone can do something in the paper, but not everyone is doing high quality videos.

Now what I am not talking about is I am not talking about a bunch of slide shows with a little musical overlude, that is just nothing. What I am talking about is like the example I am going to show you where you become – it’s almost like you are the host of a lifestyle video TV show, you know, where you say, “Hi, it’s Glenn Twiddle here and welcome to whatever it is that you say so welcome to the address, or you can even get more outrageous or you can get more professional or you could – you know, the list is long as to what you can accomplish.

Now some of the names that you could check out who are doing this in my opinion masterfully, top of the list of the guys who have been doing it wonderfully well and very, very consistently. Basically every listing he does, he does a high quality video for and of course that’s my man Chris Gilmour who by the way, he is joining us for the Heavy Artillery event. I don’t know if you know get your tickets now I am sorry forgive me. You know, I am having a beverage so forgive me.

Now I’ve been with the Brad Bell team, James Bell and his crew, down at Brad Bell real estate this morning. Awsome team they are number one in their area and if they are number one now and annoying the competition, boy oh boy! You know they are about to get a whole lot more annoying for their competitors. But so top of the list Chris Gilmour, he has been doing consistently good work with his videos, listings come to him now in many ways because of these killer videos that he does. So connect with him on Facebook and you’ll certainly know all about the videos that he does. They are very high quality killer stuff.

The other guy that has certainly been doing some masterful work connect with him is Michael Spillane. Now Michael has been my business partner and the video example I am going to show at the end of this video is one of Michael and I’ll tell you, I got to say as much as I’m a fan – I am the biggest fan of Chris Gilmour’s video work and consistently Chris has had the best videos you know, just ever but I’ll tell you with that I hope Chris doesn’t watch this because Michaels video that I am going to show you at the end of this, is my favorite real estate marketing video that I have ever seen.

So keep your eyes peeled and we’ll have a look at the end of this video for that. Now so that’s the first one. Using outrageous video examples like Chris does, what Michael does, what Edgar Natolo that’s Edgar Natolo from the Nat Group doing some brilliant work with video. Even newcomers somewhat like Tristan Bamber. Tristan did a really good video. It’s a very simple introductory sort of his first attempt, but some of the stuff he has been doing lately, I’ll tell you, he marched on to the scene and he is doing some really good work and hes up against agents who’ve got 10 -20 years experience and he is getting listings from them, just by simply doing some really cool interesting videos because they are interesting to watch unlike most real estate marketing, isn’t fun to watch.

I mean how often have you seen an ad in the paper, where you have cut it out and you have sent it to a friend saying, “You have got to have a look at this ad in the paper”? No, it just doesn’t happen. Whereas these videos are getting sent virally I remember Michael the one that I am going to show you at the end of this got 1500 views in the first week. The property sold in two weeks for more than the list price.

So don’t tell me this doesn’t work, but more importantly, not only does it help you in your marketing mix to sell the properties, more importantly it’s there to get you more listings and that’s always the goal.

So that’s the first way of using videos. Now the other way is something that I have been yelling at you guys for 18 odd months so I will give you an example of this after this, I mean two examples, is using video testimonials from your sellers. Look, it’s quite simple. If you’ve got sellers who think you are great, you get a video camera in-front of them and you just say, “Hey, you don’t mind if I just catch the way you feel because the way you feel will help me help a whole lot of other people just the same way I have helped you. So you know, don’t pretend to be an actor, just talk – just tell me what you have said to me in the past about this service we provide for you.” Then just click and then you just say, “Hey, just ignore this little camera, you know just say what you’ve said to me before” and then record them.

You don’t want them to sound like actors, you want them to sound natural so you know so, first off I’m going to give you an example of a video testimonial that – then look you shouldn’t get a stranger to that because hey a lot of them do video testimonials of successful real estate agents for months, so just do the same thing you know. But if you want an example I am going to play one for you now on Video testimonial then the next one that I am going to play is my favorite real estate marketing video of all time by Michael Spillane and guys on that note, I am handing over to those videos but before I do the quick shameless plug John McGrath, Matt Steinwede, Chris Gilmour and myself for one day intensive training is going to rock your world. It’s $197 which really it should be $1,970 for the training of this caliber but we are going to be able to afford it and extend it to you guys so if you haven’t yet got your tickets, please do so. The room is full but I did beg the convention Center to get a slightly bigger room, so even though it’s a sell out, if you haven’t yet got your tickets anyway you know, it’s coming up very, very soon, do get your tickets we’ve got a few more.

So right on that note I finish off my Bourbon and I am going to hand over to those videos as promised. First one is a great example of a seller testimonial, and the second one is an example of real estate property marketing video. So stay tuned guys we’ll talk soon. Bye for now.

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  1. chris shaw

    hi glen just watched your visdeo and went to the site to get your free programme. it was not there. can you help please.

  2. Glenn Twiddle

    cheers Michelle, remember though, it’s about the Principle, not the specific implementation of what they guys did. So how can you use the Principle of this and have clients calling you in your business !! (which is what these guys have en masse.)

  3. Ben Stockdale

    Hi Glenn,

    As you know here at we love video. We’ll display any video that you send us. Loud and proud.

    See how we display one of Chris Gilmour’s properties

    As far as we’re concerned if the agent has gone to the trouble to make a video it’s how they want to market the property (or their office/profile).

    Some of the video isn’t professional quality but not all real estate photography is professional either.

    CALLING ALL AGENTS USING VIDEO : List it on our site. It’s free and easy.



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