Creating a Stir in YOUR Real Estate Market?

(update at the bottom of the article)
I need to set the scene. (oh yeah, and there’s an opportuity to have a few grand appear in your bank account hidden within this article, so read carefully to the very end)

There’s a property in Caboolture, it’s a $200,000, can i use the term, ‘sh**ter’….. and by the listing agents own confession, it’s not the nicest property, has uncooperative tenants, and needed a miracle.

So Tamara in her first year in real estate decided to have a crack. And many of the agents, on social media, are playing keyboard warrior (only some) and scoffing, some are simply commenting, and others are admiring her for having a crack. (I happen to be in the latter)

Yes of course there’s things I’d do differently, like I’d get a highlight listing, I may have chosen a different theme, but frankly, none of us are selling this house, and she is.

here’s the link FYI

or click the pic

Real Estate Agent Pruple Cow


Now, for those who are scoffing, consider this.

A highlight listing is deemed to get 8 times the views of a standard listing (which this batgirl pic is, the owner ain’t playing on the seller investment thing.), and this pic in the first week, has had more than FOUR times the views as a HIGHLIGHT listing (professional…. and normal) listed at the same time. So effectively, this campaign has been THIRTY TWO times more effective than a ‘professional’ counterpart. Should be 8 times more effective and this one beat it by 400%. That;s 3200% more effective.
So, scoff if you will, I have had friends selling property in Caboolture, and it’s no day at the beach, so my hat goes off to this young lady. Yes I have offered to help her hone her creative flair, and it may be early days to make this claim, but if this is her effort in her first year, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say…..’Watch this space !!’

I remember my mate and client Michael Spillane get told the same thing…..

‘Oh you’re unprofessional’ ‘oh you’re sellers must be embarrasse’ and it goes on and on, over videos like these two.

or this one (my fav of all time)

Yup, same response young Tamara is getting…….

And Michael is a Million Dollar a year performer, so Tamara, you’re in good company.

Like I said, I may not agree with her execution completely, but you know, I’m glad she’s having a crack.

PS – Oh yeah, forget about all the hype, this is a good property, yeah, needs a bit of work, but hey, a $200k odd property there’s a few bucks to earn for whoever does the work, PLUS her office offers no questions asked 50/50 conjunctions just for referring a buyer. So shoot her a buyer, and pick yourself up a few grand in the process.

Tamara’s number 0435 849 580


Tamara has seen three days almost full time of radio, newspaper and magazine interviews making her an overnight celebrity not only in her area, but nationally, and also, NATIONAL TV publicity, not only for her, but for the property. Priceless.

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