Allan Pease – ‘Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps in Sales’

Allan Pease, this bloke needs NO introduction. His work spans decades and he’s sold more materials on the subject of human interaction than no one else I know. The definitve work on non verbal communication, ‘ Body Language’, the spoken word, in ‘ Talk Language’, the written word in ‘ Write Language’ , one of my favourite titles of a book anywhere, ‘ Questions are the Answers’  and many more.

Recently Allan and his wife Barbara have focussed their efforts on producing materials focussed on male/female interactions. How men can understand (and hence better be able to sell to) women and vice versa. Some fascinating insights.

To that effect, here’s Allan and I, going toe to toe, in a no holds barred interview, where seriously nothing is taboo, and we get down and dirty on the real deal, of sales, communication, and even the answer to Shane Crosbie’s question, ‘What’s the best way to seduce a woman?’

Cool training (30 mins)


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  1. Andrew Hibberd

    Hi Glenn coming to listen to you monday night at caloundra and looking forward to your insights on region and in particular your twist to retail, the tourism industry, food and recreation, can see by your video presentations its going to be a fun evening unfortunately we hare in tourist driven caloundra work every day of the year in particular sundays so will not be able to catch you at mooloolaba but i bet it would be the best hundred bucks i ever spent

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