Real Estate Training FAQ Volume 6 – ‘How Often do I contact My List?’

Another in the FAQ series. This one was asked about how often is too often to contact a list.

Well, the first thing to discuss is do you really have a list. A subject discussed here that most agents get wrong, to their detriment, that you need to be growing a ‘herd’ of clients that you have a reputation with as an expert.


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  1. John

    M8 just trying to fiqure out why the entry post out date reads 27 Sep 2010 And yes very good points of difference

  2. David Willis

    Glenn, excellent tips there mate. The biggest fault of most agents is that they rely too heavily on repeat and referral business (relying on past business for future results). In a quiet market, when repeats and referrals become less frequent, they’ve then got to go back to the clients they “forgot” about and try and get them back on their side. Why not keep in touch with them all along to insulate you from any downturn?

  3. Glenn Twiddle

    hey John,

    That would be because you’re on an automated system i set up in Sept 2010. Are you saying it’s time I updated it? haha.

    Glad you’re readiong and paying attention mate.


  4. Bridgette

    Hey Glenn
    Just to let you know I don’t seem to find the time to look at all your video’s but just to let you know I think you are great. You are easy to listen to and informative all at the same time. Keep up the good work. I do take a lot of the things you say on board. I have been in Real Estate for 8 years and still learning. Thanks heaps

  5. Glenn Twiddle

    Wow, nice words, thanks so much Bridgette. I do my best to keep it fun, light hearted, but still very valuable.

    Hope you can make it to our 2 day fun this August !!


  6. Glenn Twiddle

    hey Greer, they all are much of a muchness regarding functionality, and it’s mostly personal preference, whether you want a primarily prospecting based CRM with a few cool tricks like ‘LockedOn Cloud’- email me to take a free trial of that one.

    Or others that have different points of difference, like Rex, MyDesktop, Complete Data, Box and Dice. All have pros and cons.

    Main thing is, whichever one you use, learn how to drive it. The main problem I see with these systems isn’t the CRM, it’s the users inability to ‘drive it like you stole it’

    Learn the one you got before looking elsewhere is my biggest piece of advice.

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