Real Estate Training FAQ Volume 4 – ‘How do I do a Great Listing Presentation?’

Cramming this question on doing great Real Estate listing presentations into 10 minutes was nigh on impossible, given this takes me a THREE day training to thoroughly cover.

That being said I gave it a good, red hot go.


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  1. Glenn Taylor

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks so much for this video.

    It goes great with all that I am getting out of your extensive DVD and CD Package.

  2. Greer Allan

    Hi Glen,
    Very please I found your site, been in Real Estate just one year and loving it.

    I found the CD you sent great and I have recieved my second lot of CD and find it so inspiring thank you

  3. Ken

    I liked the five objections which I have heard all to often. Allowed me to get down answers to these questions so I’ll be better prepared for my next listing.

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