Real Estate Training FAQ Volume 2 – Getting More Appraisals / Listing Presentations

Another in the Real Estate FAQ series, by popular demand, this is my initial thoughts on the question ‘How do I get more appraisals / listing presentations?’

The one thing everyone asks me is ‘If you were brand new where would you start?’ or ‘if you lost everything what would you do?’

Well here’s my short answer in the Real Estate Training FAQ.

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  1. Janelle Randall

    HI Glen, I liked your quick chat. I met you in New Farm a few years ago, then we
    met up for Coffee in Brunswick Street. Regards Janelle

  2. Vicki Ford

    Hi Glen
    Went to the breakfast Wednesday morning, thanks and good to see someone down to earth with out all the bulls..t, Like your still will be at your seminar
    regards Vicki

  3. rod

    Hi Glen – loved the video and it is exactly where I am now, just starting in real estate. My question is;

    1. When making the call how do you get the owner on the phone – I have a list of phone numbers for my area, do I check that against RPData which does not always give full names before I call…

    Can we have a brief script of the call, one for the owner answers the phone and one for when they arn’t?


  4. Glenn Twiddle

    hey Rod, legislation for getting and using numbers varies from place to place, and definitely don’t mess with the DNC register if it’s applicable where you are.

    Do whatever you can, just find em, rp data to confirm your list, price finder, facebook, twitter, google, linked in, find em, talk to em, use the numbers. as for what to say…..

    Lots of ways to skin a cat, but just be human, talk like a person, in fact, DON’T be professional !! YEah, everyone might disagree with me on this, but they’re wrong. I’m right. Professional gets you flagged as a telemarketing salesperson, a being a person might, just might, from time to time, get you listened to.

    Main thing is offer something, preferably something of value, and don’t call it a free appraisal, even if that is what you’re offering. Call it something different. Maybe….

    ‘hey there, I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, but I’m trying to track down a Mr Fred Smith… I close?
    awesome, thanks Fred, mate MRs Smith down the road got us to do up a report, and (Price Finder or whatever other property data provider) charges (however much they charge for their reports to the public, say $100) for this, and since I’m doing one, and we subscribe in bulk, would you like me to drop one off to you at the same time, freebie ??

    (I’m not selling)

    Nah it’s nothing to do with selling, it’s just a freebie on sales in the area, might be interesting to know how the prices stack up compared to your property, and it’s free, I’ll just drop it off tomorrow yeah…’

    Something like that, done 400 times a week, and I promise…I promise…’ll have a kick butt career within a year.

  5. rod

    Thanks for the ideas – using RPData producing a good I’ll not sure what fields to include in the report that are of value, can you post a sample report that you would use?

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